There have been quite a number of pizza places opening on this island.  One of the latest additions is L’antica Pizzeria da Michele, an iconic institution haling from Naples.  The place was bustling with people when we dropped by on a weekday evening.

L’antica Pizzeria da Michele 01
We started off with the Burrata Alla Puttanesca ($26++), burrata from Puglia served with olives, sundry tomatoes and anchovies.  The anchovies gave it a different pairing compared to the usual prosciutto. 
L’antica Pizzeria da Michele 02
The other starter we had was the Gambero Rosso Di Mazara ($38++).  Red wild Mediterranean raw shrimps are served with a touch of extra virgin olive oil.  The prawns were fresh, but we thought that the serving was a tad small for the price. 
L’antica Pizzeria da Michele 03
Onto the main draw of the place – the pizzas!  We could not pass up on their signature pizza, the Margherita ($28++).  Served classic Neapolitan-style, the dough is extra thin (you can see from the flop) and the pizza is wider than the plate it is served on.  The serving size is quite generous so the pizza can easily be split between 3 or 4 persons. 
L’antica Pizzeria da Michele 04
The second pizza we had was the Cetara ($34++).  With the same pizza dough and tomato sauce base, the Cetara is named as such because of the addition of Cetara anchovies, so you can expect heavier flavours. 
L’antica Pizzeria da Michele 05
For something different, the Friarielli & Salsccia ($36++) pizza is a very traditional Italian flavour combination of sausage and wild Italian broccoli.  This pizza has no tomato sauce, but features a mix of Friarielli (mozzarella and smoked mozzarella). This pizza does take a bit of getting used to, because the wild Italian broccoli can be a little bitter; so pick this only if you are more adventurous. 
L’antica Pizzeria da Michele 06
What stood out for me was the pasta.  We tried the Orecchiette Alla Positanese ($34++) and that is my favourite dish for the evening.  The homemade orecchiette  had sufficient bite and paired well with Italian sausage, fresh cherry tomato, basil, burrata and some cheese. 
L’antica Pizzeria da Michele 07
For desserts, we had the typical Italian desserts – Cannoli ($16++ for 3): tubes filled with a sweet creamy ricotta mixture – and Classic Tiramisu ($14++). 
L’antica Pizzeria da Michele 08
The tiramisu has a tinge of orange to brighten the flavours.  Overall, L’antica is worth a try, especially for those who prefer a thin pizza base.

Budget per person: $30 – 40 per person
  • L’antica Pizzeria da Michele

  • Phone
    +65 9823 5724
  • Address
     8 Club St, Unit #01-08, Singapore 069472
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