The Robertson House by the Crest Collection recently opened its doors in the last quarter of 2023, following a refurbishment and rebranding project for the previous Riverside Hotel Robertson Quay.  Drawing inspiration from Singapore’s heritage as a bustling trade hub, the restaurant pays homage by naming it Entrepôt.  Entrepôt’s menu is inspired by Anglo-Asian cooking techniques and flavours and is helmed by Chef Nixon Low, who has experience at various established Chinese restaurants in Singapore. 

Entrepôt 1
Entrepôt is decked in black and white visual cues and furnished with rattan furniture that is reminiscent of the sights from old Singapore.  Featured above is the Chef’s Table where diners can see Chef Low adding finishing touches to their dishes before being served. 
Entrepôt 2
We started our meal with these pita bread with dukkah seeds, served with a side of black sesame hummus.  The pita bread is served warm and toasty (slightly crisp and charred on the outside) and the hummus spread complemented the bread well.  However, we felt that there was a tad too much salt sprinkled over the bread that led to this dish being a little too salty.  We did let the service staff know about this so hopefully this can be improved on subsequently.
Entrepôt 3
The first starter that we had was the Chinese Terracotta Tea, one of Chef Low’s signature dishes.  It is a tea-infused Chinese dried mushroom consommé that is served with crustacean tortellini in a little tea cup, made of clay.  Pour the mushroom consommé in when you’re ready to drink.  I love mushrooms so this dish is a hit for me, with the earthy flavours coming through, yet keeping a light profile like a consommé should. 
Entrepôt 4
Our “greens” / “fruits” for the night came in the form of a heirloom tomato and fermented plum salad.  Olive vegetable, watercress, thai basil oil and fermented plum dressing are all added to a generous serving of heirloom tomatoes.  Crispy seaweed is garnished for added texture. 
Entrepôt 5
Next, we had the Angelica Root French Corn-Fed Chicken Roast, another of Chef Low’s signature dishes.  The chicken is smoked with dried Angelica Root and served with sautéed cordycep mushrooms and Asian napa cabbage then drizzled with house-made herbal honey.  Because of the amount of Chinese herbs used, you definitely can taste the strong herbal flavours.  I like how tender the meat is and the napa cabbage also soaked up the essence. 
Entrepôt 6
Entrepôt’s version of the Claypot Rice features chorizo sausage, smoked pancetta, wild mushrooms, harissa and garlic chips.  When the lid was lifted, it was indeed fragrant and you can expect quite a fair amount of charred rice bits. 
Entrepôt 7
This dish was also a tad too heavily seasoned during our visit, so even though it was fragrant and we liked the various components, the saltiness overpowered the ingredients.
Entrepôt 8
To round off our meal, we had the Sticky Red Date Pudding served with kirsch cherries, spiced crumble and butterscotch ice-cream.  The pudding was on the airy side, so it resembled more of a chiffon but an enjoyable way to finish the meal.  

If you’re visiting Entrepôt, you can also sample the Robertson House’s exclusive gin that is crafted with Tanglin Gin.  Those who prefer beer can opt for the Dr Robertson’s Lager, brewed in partnership with RedDot Brewhouse.  For me, I would go for Dr Robertson’s Chai or a cup of warm tea.  It is a nice place to visit away from the hustle and bustle.  

Budget per person: $30 to $50
  • Entrepôt

  • Phone
    +65 8380 1689
  • Address
    1 Unity St, Singapore 237983
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