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Hokkaido’s Most Popular Soft Serve, Naganuma Ice that has me so hooked that I’ve found myself indulge more than I usually do. Naganuma Ice, being the only company in Hokkaido that is recognized by the Hokkaido Office for use of 100% Hokkaido raw milk and Hokkaido ingredients. Also seen in Japan and Taiwan for their 100% Hokkaido raw milk and full flavour soft serves.

We hear a lot on Hokkaido raw milk at Naganuma Ice. So, what’s the difference between Hokkaido raw milk and pasteurized milk? The raw milk sourced from the ranch cows at Naganuma thus sent to the factory immediately under low-temperature pasteurisation. Milk flavour is better preserved yet able to kill harmful pathogens.

Expect legit Hokkaido raw milk gelato. Everything is prepared and packed in Hokkaido before exporting to Singapore.


Expect 6 rotating flavours from Yame Matcha, Fresh Milk, Double Cheese, Vanilla, Strawberry Milk, Yubari Melon, Mango Yogurt, Haskap Yogurt, Pumpkin, Chocolate, Banana, Azuki Beans.

With so many flavours from which to choose, it’s really hard to choose 1 or 2 flavours. Tried Fresh Milk flavour and fall in love with their creamy and rich texture. It wasn’t too sweet either. My top three flavours goes to Fresh Milk, Yame Matcha and Azuki Beans. Matcha lovers will be delighted as this is the legit bitter-sweet matcha with Hokkaido milk fragrance. If you didn’t want to choose a flavour you are familiar with, probably can go for refreshing Haskap Yogurt, thick Double Cheese, Pumpkin.

Naganuma Ice‘s Gelato starting from S$5.50 for single flavour cup.


Naganuma Ice has launched two desserts, Soft Serve Parfait and Creme Brulee Soft Serve exclusively to Singapore. Naganuma Ice‘s Parfait is layered with two layers of raw milk soft serve, cantaloupe syrup and biscuit. It is later drizzled with chocolate syrup and styled with a dark chocolate biscuit from the city of Asahikawa in Japan. While the sweetness comes from chocolate and cantaloupe syrup, the raw milk soft serve is smooth and not too sweet. The minus point is that the raw milk soft serve melts way too quickly!

Soft Serve Parfait at S$8.50.

And, there are SIX different soft serve flavours to choose from Rich Milk, Yubari Melon, Red Wine (w/o alcohol), Ebisu Pumpkin, Corn, Matcha. When I heard Red Wine Soft Serve, I can’t help for a sampling too! Don’t be mistaken, it doesn’t contain alcohol but with lingering grape flavour.

Soft serve to start from S$6 per cup and S$6.50 per cone.


The creme brûlée soft serve simply melts in the mouth, very soft and fluffy. It is served on a waffle cone. I secretly wished for more sugar on top and brûlée it again.

Creme Brulee Soft Serve S$8.



Naganuma Ice will be opening in early Dec 2018 at Carlton City Hotel. Meanwhile, you may visit the Naganuma Ice‘s popup stall at Isetan Scotts Basement 1 from 23 Nov to 6 Dec 2018.

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Carlton City Hotel, Ground floor
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Contact: +65 6741 9108

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Parking available at Carlton City Hotel.

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Exit A;
Walk 244 m (about 8 minutes) to Carlton City Hotel Singapore.
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