Kei Kee Dessert is famous for BZai Liang Fen. They serve cooling desserts and an array of other hot snacks. It is located in Yuen Long, nearest MTR Station is Long Ping. The journey was almost 45 minutes from where I stayed at Mongkok. I do enjoy the quietness and cleanliness in Yuen Long despite the distance travelled. Surprisingly, Kei Kee Dessert shop was flooded with mostly locals and students on a weekday afternoon.

Kei Kee Dessert Hong Kong

BZai Liang Fen. (Price: HKD75; SGD13.40)

How can we not order Kei Kee Dessert Signature? Presenting BZai Liang Fen. A wide varieties of fruits and generous amount of grass jelly were served. This dessert taste great with plenty of condensed milk. As we travelled Hong Kong in April, the weather was averagely 22 Degrees Celsius. I was freezing cold while having this huge bowl of BZai Liang Fen. The portion is good for 5-8 pax. Do not underestimate this portion, it is really huge. Waiting time for BZai Liang Fen was estimated 30 minutes.

Kei Kee Dessert Hong Kong

Rice Noodle Roll (Price: HKD8; SGD1.40)

Afternoon tea turned into an early dinner and we decided to order a few savoury snacks from Kei Kee Dessert. Rice noodle rolls were deliciously fresh and served alongside a chilli, soya, sweet and peanut sauce. Sesame seeds enhanced the flavour of each roll. We also ordered pig skin side which were juicy and tasty. These pig skins taste like fish maw instead! I’m amazed by the delicious local hot snack and regretted for not ordering more sides.

Kei Kee Dessert Hong Kong

Marinated Pig Skin. (Price: HKD16; SGD2.85)

Kei Kee Dessert Hong Kong

Yuen Long is somehow of a trek. Kei Kee Dessert is well-worth the trek for an essence of old school Hong Kong. I’ll be back to uncover more desserts and hot snacks at Kei Kee Dessert.

Kei Kee Dessert Hong Kong

-We paid for our meal.

Budget Per Pax


How to go Kei Kee Dessert Hong Kong
Operating Hours

Monday to Sunday: 12:30PM – 02:30AM Midnight

Address and Contact

Yuen Long, Kam Fai Path, 33號

Contact: +852 2479 4743

Travel and Parking

Travel via public transport.

Exit B2;
Walk 10 minutes via Hi Lee Path.
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