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When we talk about Japanese women, you think of fair skin that looks radiant and spirited complexion no matter what their age! From weather to eating habit, having kurozu as a part of their daily beauty regime is one of the secrets Japanese women have been keeping under wraps. Having kurozu not only improves a beautiful complexion and also a boost in their overall health.

Congratulations to Kakuida’s grand opening on 13 July. Now, we get to enjoy the goodness of kurozu at Kakuida’s Singapore. Kakuida’s kurozu contains the underground reservoir of water from Kagoshima, brown rice and koji. These three key ingredients are placed in handmade ceramic jars and placed in open fields as part of the fermentation and aging process. The mixture is consistently stirred and inspected for quality control. Kakuida’s kurozu is aged for three years with a more earthy and mellow taste with a hint of aromatic sweetness. Kurozu is a special label given by the Japanese. Moreover, there is a standard to meet before the vinegar can be labelled as kurozu. Fukuyama Kurozu Co., Ltd. is the producer of the ‘Kakuida’ brand and is the second largest producer in Kagoshima, with about 20,000 jars of Kurozu at different stages of aging.


As we passed by Kakuida’s, we caught the alluring doughnut fragrance. They smell so good that we couldn’t help ourselves to check out what’s on the shelve; original, sweet potato, matcha and chocolate doughnuts! Each flavour has the option of chocolate chip. These healthy doughnuts are baked using rice flour imported from Japan.

I’ve enjoyed the original flavour with a hint of kurozu taste. It has a light crisp on the outside and pillowy soft inside. Other flavours including sweet potato, matcha and chocolate are denser in texture. I also enjoyed the matcha flavour with the bittersweet matcha taste.
  • Baked doughnuts affordable original at S$1.90 (original), Chocolate, matcha, sweet potato at S$2.20. Additional S$0.30 for chocolate chips.
  • Original box of 6 at S$10.80
  • Assorted box of 6 (regular) at S$12.50
  • Assorted box of 6 (with chocolate chips) at S$14.20.
  • Promotion: Grand Opening Special Promotion from 11 July to 13 July: 1 for 1 Baked Donuts in four different flavours (Original, Matcha, Chocolate, Sweet Potato). Limit to 6 pieces per person (12 pcs in total with 1 for 1).


Once you taste this Thai Mango Smoothie you will feel like you are sipping it on the beaches of Thailand! The mango smoothie has the natural sweetness from Thai sweet mango and texture is very smooth, with no presence of ice crush. The kurozu taste is very light and recommended for anyone who wishes to try kurozu for the first time! The pina colada fruit tea is a mix of quality tea and jelly made from konnyaku and kurozu. I really love the soft jelly, it gets pretty addictive with appetising kurozu.

Notice the combo that we ordered? Partyyy time with doughnut and kurozu drink!!
The beauty bundle comes with 1 original doughnut and selection of fruits kurozu at S$6.50. And the tea party bundle comes with 1 original doughnut and selection of 1 regular cold tea beverage at S$4.50.



The organic fruits kurozu range has stronger taste of kurozu, while the strawberry cream black tea is light on the palate. And yes! My favourite kurozu jelly found in strawberry cream black tea too. As for passionfruit matcha ice blended drink, the passionfruit taste is strong. That calls for a joy for passionfruit lovers! However, matcha lover may be disappointed with passionfruit matcha ice blended which has very minimum matcha taste. Nevertheless, I do enjoy this drink with some passionfruit seed bites.

Here are some of the Signature kurozu drinks that you should try:

  • Strawberry Cream Black Tea S$3.50 (regular), S$4.30 (large)
  • Pina Colada Fruit Tea S$3.90 (regular), S$4.70 (large)
  • Apple Organic Fruits Kurozu S$5.50 (original), S$5.90 (sparkling)
  • Blueberry Organic Fruits Kurozu S$5.80 (original), S$6.20(sparkling)
  • Passionfruit Matcha Ice Blended S$6.50
  • Mango Smoothie S$6.50


That’s one of my favourite drinks – Homemade lemon tea with light kurozu. A thirst quencher after any meal. You may also add one shot of kurozu to intensify the benefits of kurozu.

Homemade Ice Kurozu Lemon Tea S$3.90.


Glad to know that the drinks infused with real fruits, not fruits flavouring that is commonly found. You may also purchase organic fruit kurozu in 500ml bottles at Kakuida’s.

We hear a lot of kurozu in this article so what are the benefits of kurozu?

  • Relieves stress and body fatigue by breaking down lactic acids
  • Detoxifies the Liver
  • Stabilizes Blood Pressure and Prevents Arteries From Hardening with Plaque
  • Promotes Digestion and Reduces Constipation
  • Breaks Down Fat, Lowers Cholesterol
  • Protects Against Bacterial Infection and Toughens the Immune System
  • Stabilizes Any Potential Spikes in Blood Glucose Levels


Besides beverages and doughnuts, they also have soft serve infused with kurozu. The soft serve tasted light and the genmaicha (roasted brown rice tea) or kuromitsu (Japanese black sugar) topping actually helps in the sweetness. However, it may be quite bland after you have finished the toppings.

Signature soft serve S$3.90, S$4.50 (with Genmaicha/ Kuromitsu),


Cozy up with these hot kurozu beverages! I’ve enjoyed invigorating honey ginger with bites of real orange peel the most. It’s comforting especially in the rainy days.

Honey Ginger Kurozu With Orange Peel S$3.90.

The Breakfast Bundle is available all day, inclusive of 1 original doughnut and 1 original hot kurozu. Enjoy an early bird price at S$2.90 if you purchase between 8am to 10am. Don’t worry if you’ve missed the early bird promo. You can also purchase the same combo at a dollar more at S$3.90 from 10am till closing.

We are probably more familiar with the Chinese black vinegar, commonly used for Chinese cooking or medicinal purposes. However, Kakuida’s kurozu and Chinese vinegar are vastly different in terms of their production processes and hence the taste is different too. Kakuida’s kurozu actually balances the overall taste of more savoury or sweet food and beverages. Check out Kakuida’s menu here!


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