DurianBB has finally opened its new concept store in Singapore and has a total of 56 points of sales across Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Macau and now Singapore! Its aim is to reach out to durians lovers internationally! 

Upon entering DurianBB which is located at Crawford Lane, the store was bright and cheery with the main 3 colours – bright yellow, green & white. A giant DurianBB mascot can be seen at the centre of the store and a claw machine that catches DurianBB plush was so cute! 

Let’s check out some of their durian offerings, shall we?
Starting from the mildest would be their No Baked Cheesecake that looks almost like a slice of cheese itself! Breaking past the thinly coated white chocolate, reveals a combination of cheese mousse and durian. Both components tasted pretty light, which is why we were advised to start from it first. 

The next creative dessert would be their “Boom” MSW Mousse Cake, this time shaping like the husk of a durian fruit. Beneath the white chocolate coated shell is the combination of sponge, cream and durian flesh itself. It tasted slightly stronger of durian as compared to the cheesecake but it was slightly too sweet for me.

My favourite would be the St. Sebastian Cheesecake, their very own rendition of the Basque Burnt Cheesecake. I like its smooth custard-like texture and mixture of durian flesh which I would not get sick of. 
DurianBB also offers plated desserts such as their MSW Ondeh Ondeh. Each ondeh ondeh were bite size and would pop in the mouth oozing durian gula melaka. It was interesting to see a modern twist the the local favourite kueh kueh of mine.
For something more traditional, you could select their durian egg tart that contains durian flesh as well. I love how the crust was flaky and it makes pretty good snacks for tea.
They do have drinks such as the refreshing Raspberry Lemonade Soda or their Soursop Peach Soda, all served along with a piece of DurianBB chocolate. 

You might also want to check out their retail offerings which include Musang King Egg Rolls, Musang King Nougat, Durian Coffee and many more that would make perfect gifts for durian lovers. 

Average spending per pax: S$5-S$10
*Service charge(10%) and GST(7%) applicable.
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  • Durian BB

  • Phone
    +65 9245 0788
  • Address
    462 Crawford Ln, #01-65, Singapore 190462

This is an invited tasting but opinions are ours.

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