Definitely a joy to be able to enjoy Chef Raymond’s creations at Yi Qian Private Dining in Singapore. He used to work in Golden Palace in Hong Kong with over 18 years of experience under his belt. At Yi Qian Private Dining, you can indulge in over 100 sumptuous contemporary Cantonese and Teochew delicacies with signature dishes like Stir-fried Shark’s Fin Soup with Crabmeat served in Teapot and Pig’s Stomach and Chicken in Pepper Soup.

Yi Qian (壹仟) means ‘one thousand’ in Mandarin. It not only mean longevity and also represent the creation of a culinary legacy that will be carried on for a thousand years.

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A very addictive crispy prawn fritters ($9.80) that combines the savoury sakura shrimps with scallion in a crisp shell, accompanied with garlic chilli sauce for a gentle spice kick.
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I can’t recall the last time where I had shark fin.
There are 2 ways to enjoy Stir-fried Shark Fin Soup with Crabmeat ($68). Tuck into the generous servings of fresh crabmeat with pan-fried shark’s fin followed by adding the superior stock served in a teapot. The light yet rich stock is painstakingly brewed for at least 6 hours using old chicken bones and ham.
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Teochew crispy yam and prawn omelette ($24) is ultra crispy. Loves the combination of the sweetness from yam and prawns alongside with crunchy peanuts.
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Close your eyes and enjoy the welcoming aroma of Sizzling Kai Lan in Claypot ($22) at your table. The magic lies in the complex charred aroma that fleetingly cloaks the piping-hot kai lan with the ultimate fragrance of belachan and shrimps. A simple dish but turned extraordinary in the hands of Chef Raymond.
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Pig’s Stomach and Chicken in Pepper Soup is one of the unforgettable dishes that I’ve come across in Hong Kong. Happy that it is available at Yi Qian Private Dining! Pig’s Stomach and Chicken in Pepper Soup ($108) is presented where a whole Kampung chicken is wrapped in a pig’s stomach. Thereafter, the service crew will bring it to another table, slid open the pig’s stomach wrapper to reveal a whole chicken. He then portioned the golden clear soup into individual bowls. This is one comforting, nourishing and rich pig stomach & chicken soup. Too addictive and I’ve helped myself with a 2nd and 3rd serving.
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And it’s a healthier choice fried kway teow! It was delicious though even without the use of pork lard. Instead, packed with wok-kissed morsels of seafood and vegetables, crisp kai lan, preserved radish, crunchy prawns and rice noodles well-coated in a dark sauce.
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Chef Raymond uses a traditional teapot for a dramatic presentation of sugar encrusted deep fried yam sticks ($20). A very traditional Teochew dessert that is hard to get nowadays. The crispy sugar outside and soft inside of the sweet yam sticks are so delicious!

Pssst, diners can also challenge Chef Raymond with their very own customized menu upon advance request of 3 days. Best to make a reservation before your visit!
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