Media Tasting at Yan Restaurant

Yàn is excited to welcome Chef Ng Sen Tio as its new head chef as he brings along with him a new repertoire of Cantonese fare and a wealth of experience.  Having spent more than three decades in the kitchens of Chinese restaurants, Chef Ng focuses on preparing soulful food drawing inspiration from fresh seasonal ingredients and flavours from the Cantonese cuisine.

This October, the new dishes introduced into Yàn’s menu does not disappoint and promises a feast for all, both young and old.


We started the meal with some recommended appetisers such as marinated okra with homemade spiced sauce.  Homemade chili sauce – a mixture of dried shrimp, pork, chillies and spring onions and fried till crispy, reminiscent of hae bi hiam – is garnished atop fresh okra. The meat lovers must try their house special caramelised barbecued pork, as a wu hua rou (streaky pork) is specially chosen and marinated overnight with a medley of ingredients including red fermented bean curd cubes, rose wine, orange peel and more, then cooked at high heat for 15 minutes to bring out the pork belly’s aroma.  




A must-try appetiser is the fried minced duck meat and cuttlefish paste in egg pancake. This dish has different textures as the mixed paste (consisting of minced duck meat and springy cuttlefish) whilst the diced water chestnuts adds some sweetness and crunch. It is then coated with panko crumbs and deep fried.


The golden pumpkin broth with seafood and chicken paste beancurd captures the essence of the Cantonese cuisine and Chef Ng’s ethos of “cooking from the heart”. The steamed beancurd (melding scallops, prawns, chicken and fish paste) and steamed pumpkin purée blended with pork and chicken consommé brings together a nourishing and wholesome soup that keeps you yearning for more.


Having warmed the belly, the claypot wok-fried prawns with fish maw and vermicelli is served sizzling hot and appeals to the local palette because of the spiciness in the XO sauce.  Buds of night-blooming jasmine are also garnished atop the dish to give it an additional floral fragrance when served.


For crab-lovers, the wok-fried Sri-Lankan crab with homemade pumpkin sauce is a unique take and reminiscent of salted egg yolk sauce.  In preparation of the pumpkin sauce, the pumpkin is steamed then cooked in a mixture of milk, pepper and curry leaf resulting in a fragrant gravy that the fried mantous would be handy to mop up.


A highlight of our meal is the house special local lobster porridge with clams and puffed rice.  The succulent fresh lobster and clams are stewed in a stock of lobster and prawn shells, producing a hearty and robust broth. Condiments such as fried garlic, shallots, spring onions, coriander and red chillies are available for customisation.


Overall, the meal at Yàn delivers the feast and soulful food that it promises.  Plan your next meal there as it caters to all occasions – a corporate lunch, a birthday celebration or a family dinner.

*Service charge(10%) and GST(7%) applicable.

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Daily 11:30AM–2:30PM, 6PM–10:30PM

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1 Saint Andrew’s Road, #05-02 National Gallery Singapore, 178957

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Parking available at National Gallery.

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