As Christmas is coming to an end, it’s time to part with turkey and ham and welcome Chinese cuisine. Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant is pleased to introduce new Signature Dishes that is derivative of the unique Cantonese delicious. New Signature dishes including Poached Rice with Seafood in Superior Broth served with Crispy Rice, Poached Sea Perch with Chinese Rice Wine and Homestyle Roast Duck with Tea Leaves. A bowl of soup is a classic comfort food to welcome the new year 2022.

Dreamy misty dry ice effect to accompany the combination platter upon served. The serving size of this dish is made in bite size, great to try a bit of everything. The flavour of the Home-style Roast Duck with Tea Leaves is a match for Deep-fried Prawn’s crispness, the combination gets more addictive as you chew. Your sense of smell gets activated with the white truffle oil aroma before feasting into Stir-fried Assorted Mushrooms.
Can’t get enough of that pot of robust and savoury broth! This Chinese rice wine broth marries mildly sweet and flaky poached sea perch together. Alongside with crunchy kai lan and julienned ginger that is fried till light brown and crispy.
The sweet, briny juices of the chunky lobster meat and crab roe pools into chunky stir-fried lobster. They’re so delicious and we’ve finished within few minutes.
If you’re a fan of Poached Sea Perch in Chinese Rice Wine, you’ll enjoy Seafood Poached Rice in Superior Broth. They’re made from the same robust superior broth. Just that the prior dish contains Chinese rice wine, there isn’t any alcohol in this dish. The assorted seafood and vegetables are cut into bite size pieces with cooked rice and crispy rice which makes this dish simple yet effortless eating.
End off the meal with Deep-fried Sesame Ball that has hidden yummies inside! Unveiled with a combination of sweet Red Bean and Chocolate Liqueur Filling. We enjoyed the smoky flavour and aroma of the toasted sesame too!
Indulge your friends and family with exquisite menus crafted by Cantonese Chef Chan Kung Lai and be welcomed with a lush Oriental-style restaurant decor this season!
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