Wo Wo Dian (窝窝店 百年包子) is a steamed bun and rice noodle specialist store that opened at the basement of Raffles City in March.  When we visited on a Friday evening, we saw a queue starting to form around 7pm and continued till almost 9pm. 

Wo Wo Dian 1
The stall’s signature dish is the Century-Old Traditional Pork Bun 百年鲜肉包 ($8.90 for 3).  The exterior of the bun is soft yet a little chewy. The steaming of the pork bun draws out the natural pork flavours and is garnished with bits of spring onions and vegetables.
Wo Wo Dian 2
For something a little more savoury, go for the Century-Old Traditional Sauce Pork Bun 百年酱肉包 ($7.90 for 3), which is my recommendation too!  The juicy pork meat coated with a flavourful sauce made in-house coupled with the firm chewy bun and the right meat to bun ratio provides a satisfying side. 
Wo Wo Dian 3
Apart from the buns, other small bites for sharing includes the Mouthwatering Chicken 鸿运口水鸡 ($10.90).  Tender chicken is topped with spices and spring onions.  It is not overly spicy, so don’t be deceived by the colour – and give this a go.
Wo Wo Dian 4
Alternatively, the Firecracker Chicken 麻麻辣辣子鸡 ($13.90) is a more fiery option.  Chunks of chicken are deep-fried to golden-brown and would be a treat for those who love the mala flavours. 
Wo Wo Dian 5
If you’re there looking for a quick meal, perhaps their noodles can do the job.  I would choose the Classic Chicken Broth Rice Noodles 经典鸡汤米粉 ($14.90) because my preference would be for lighter soups.  What stood out would be the silky strands of noodles that soak up the broth and the chicken bits are also fairly tender. 
Wo Wo Dian 6
My friends preferred the Szechuan Beef Broth Rice Noodles 红汤牛肉米粉  ($13.90) because they can tolerate spice better than me.  It reminded me of 红烧牛肉面, with the same silky noodles used. 
Wo Wo Dian 7
Cool down with the desserts.  My pick would be the poached pear in rice wine  白玉酒酿梨 ($6.90) because you get one whole boiled snow pear mixed with fermented glutinous rice wine. 
Wo Wo Dian 8
We also had the Three Delicacies Iced Jelly 三鲜冰粉 ($4.90), which comprises lemon, glutinous rice wine and jelly.  It is more refreshing than the poached pear with the addition of lemon.  

From 16 to 19 May 2024, diners can enjoy 40% off their total bill (applicable to all food, drinks and desserts!).  No prior reservations are accepted during this promotion period though.  I’ll probably join the queue for those 百年酱肉包.  

Budget per person: $15 – 20  per person
  • Wo Wo Dian 窝窝店 百年包子

  • Address
    252 North Bridge Road, #B1-13 to 15, Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore 179103
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