This Christmas, White Restaurant is offering a series of new dishes that have been created especially for the holidays.  Think turkey and crawfish added to the signature white beehoon that most people are familiar with. This is an option that you can consider at home if you are ordering in to celebrate with family and friends.

The first dish from the Christmas Set is the Flambe Honey-Smoked Turkey Breast ($15.80 if ordering ala carte).  Lean honey-smoked  turkey breast meat is evenly sliced before doused in honey, huadiao wine and smoked oil and left to marinate for a day.  It is then further fried until smoky.  If you are dining in, you will be treated to a short visual treat – the turkey will be set on fire and flambéed before you.  We thought that the alcohol taste was a little strong, but if you like alcohol and are intending to pair some with your food anyway, this will be an interesting dish for you.
The second dish is the Wok-fried Australian Asparagus with Walnuts.  Whilst not a particularly unique dish, White Restaurant tries to incorporate another Christmas staple – walnut – into its dishes.
For an additional dose of greens, the set also comes with Cabbage with Bacon in Double Broth.
The first “new” dish is the Crawfish & Turkey Mala White Beehoon ($15.80 if ordering ala carte).  This will sit well with mala and seafood lovers alike.  The spice level is not very intense, but you can definitely taste the peppercorn flavours that will be sure to build up after several bites.  This was a dish that grew on my dining partners as they had more of it throughout the meal, but definitely get this to share.
White Restaurant’s namesake Original Sembawang White Beehoon dish gets an added lux with the Tiger Prawn and Turkey toppings ($17.80 if ordering ala carte).  No introduction needed for this white beehoon – consistent, reliable and full of flavour.  Diners can also opt for a switch to the Signature Mala White Beehoon at no additional cost. 
Apart from these dishes, the set also comes with glutinous rice balls (peanut filling) and coated with peanuts as desserts. 
From 9 November 2021 to 2 January 2022, there is an Oddle Exclusive Promotion – enjoy $8 off this Christmas set ($135.30) featuring the dishes above and also 2 x 1L bottles of Osmanthus Oolong Tea, a Thermal Bag and Table Cover.  Simply quote “FOODGEM8OFF” upon checkout on Oddle –
Budget per person: $20 – 25 per person 
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