Known also as the Original Sembawang White Beehoon, White Restaurant is ringing in the Year of the Ox with auspicious offerings at its six outlets islandwide.  These festive menus would be available from 29 January to 26 February 2021.  We tried a few dishes from each menu and bring you through some of the highlights.

A must-have at all Lunar New Year meals would be the Yusheng and White Restaurant serves their rendition of the prosperity abalone yusheng.  The house-made piquant pomelo sauce and sliced lemon leaves give the dish a fruity fragrance and we love the addition of the jellyfish.
It was a rather chilly day when we visited and the abalone & foie gras wonton collagen soup was very comforting.  This dish features 14-head abalones and foie gras shrimp wonton swimming in a broth yielded from simmering fish, chicken and pork bones and chicken feet for over 6 hours.  The addition of foie gras was a nice surprise inside the parcel and adds to the richness of the dish.
One of our favourites from their Chinese New Year menu was the conpoy and curry prawn yam ring.  A golden fried yam basket is filled with dried scallops, curry tiger prawns and capsicum.  The curry is also very lemak and had a fiery kick.  The drawback was that the curry provided was not sufficient and the yam ring might be a little dry towards the end.  However, we left our feedback with the chef so hopefully future customers would have a more generous serving of the curry!
Another interesting dish was the Stew-Fried Pork Rib with Pineapple and Chinese Herbs served with Mantou.  The pork ribs were fried and stewed till tender and the sauce is made from a medley of Chinese herbs.  This would find favour with the older crowd or those who like their hong shao rou as there are subtle notes of dang gui (Angelica sinensis) and rose wine in the sauce.
Don’t miss out on the Broccoli and Prawn in XO Sauce  although we would have preferred it to be slightly spicier. 
A trip to the White Restaurant is never complete without their Signature White Beehoon – generous ingredients with savoury slurp-worthy sauce.  

Their Chinese New Year sets are available at $238++/$288++/$328++ (4 pax) and $518++/$568++/$628++ (8 pax).  Be one of the first 88 reservations to get free cans of abalones (1 for 4 pax reservations and 2 for 8 pax reservations).  Do note that this promotion is not available for Chinese New Year Eve reservations.

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