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Do you agree that chee cheong fan (rice rolls) tastes best when they’re freshly made and hot? If you’re new to rice roll, it is one of the Cantonese dishes from Guangdong Province in southern China and Hong Kong. Enjoy freshly made rice rolls upon order at Wai Hai Lou.


Wai Hai Lou uses specially chosen variety of rice (out of 17 varieties), hand-ground on-site using an actual stone rice mill such that it remained soft after steaming with a nice aroma of the rice.

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These rice paper rolls are packed with bright and toppings like prawns, pork liver, char siew, and even sweet corn. I’ve enjoyed the pork liver the most! They’re steamed till perfect, not overcook nor undercook.


Set aside the Signature rice rolls, Wai Hai Lou also serves specialty noodles such as Speciality Noodles with Beef Brisket or Pork Knuckles.

Enjoyed the complex and robust beef soup with tender beef brisket braised over 3-4 hours daily. The pork knuckles are cooked till soft. The meat and skin can be easily pierced through and looks as though it is ready to fall off the bone.


We’ve also tried the prawn cutlet filled with crunchy chopped prawns generously. But it was too oily to my liking. The orange peel tea compliments this meal. The tangy flavour of the tea is aromatic and good as a palate cleanser.


And you might not believe it but it’s real! Wai Hai Lou is offering S$2.50 noodles promotion until the end of August 2020. You may enjoy specialty noodles with beef brisket or pork knuckles for only S$2.50 (U.P. S$8.80)! Available for dine-in and takeaway. However, it is limited to 100 bowls per day.

*Service charge(10%) and GST(7%) applicable.

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How to go Wai Hai Lou
Operating Hours

Daily 11AM to 8PM

Address and Contact

25 Smith St, Singapore 058939

Contact +65 6226 1232

Reservation is allowed.

Travel and Parking

HDB parking available.

Travel via public transport.

Exit A;
Walk 304 m (about 8 minutes) to 25 Smith Street.
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