Tan Xiang Yun is a restaurant nestled within a vintage two-storey conservation house in the heart of Little India.  Opened by celebrity Ben Yeo and helmed by Chef Cao Yong, Tan Xiang Yuan is meant to bring diners down memory lane with its old-school dishes, albeit with a modern spin. 

Tan Xiang Yuan 01
One of the new dishes that we had was the Lo Han Pork Stomach ($16).  Inspired by pork trotter jelly, the pork stomach is stuffed with braised pork trotter and topped with a housemade garlic chilli sauce just before serving. 
Tan Xiang Yuan 02
For something more unique, try the Soup-Filled Foie Gras Shrimp Ball ($12/piece).  Minced prawn is mixed with a soup stock of pig skin, pork knuckle and foie gras then pressed into a ball before being coated with bread cubes and deep-fried.  It is best to eat this golden ball hot otherwise it does get a tad oily after a while.
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One of my favourites of the meal is this Golden Garlic Steamed Lobster with Yam Cake (seasonal price) – whole Australian lobsters are steamed with chopped garlic then placed on top of local yam cake handmade by chef.  The yam cake is so soft and fragrant, with extra lashings of Chinese waxed sausage for some added savouriness. 
Tan Xiang Yuan 04
Another “not to miss” dish is the Signature Seafood Pot ($98 for small, $188 for large) that simmers up prawns, fish maw, abalone, fish slices, clams, shrimp and meat balls, taro and other ingredients.  The soup is flavourful because of the natural sweetness from all that seafood, and it gets even better after letting the ingredients sit in there.  Soup refill is available too.
Tan Xiang Yuan 05
One of their crowd favourite dishes is the Peking Duck ($98).
Tan Xiang Yuan 06
The crispy skin and juicy meat of the roasted duck are wrapped with rice paper together with scallions and a drizzle of sweet sauce.  What is different from the usual peking duck wraps would be the addition of corn fritters, which gave it additional crunch.
Tan Xiang Yuan 07
They also serve black pepper crab at Tan Xiang Yuan ($12.80/100g), but with the addition of Chinese herbs (dang gui) that ends some herbaceous notes. 
Tan Xiang Yuan 08
We rounded off the hearty feast with yam paste.  This is served hot and I love the smooth earthy yam paste that goes well with the sweet corn puree and ginkgo nuts. 

We understand that Tan Xiang Yuan is offering a promotion of $1 Peking Duck with every order of its signature seafood pot – only available for lunch and limited to one duck order per table!  

Budget per person: $50 – 70 per person
  • Tan Xiang Yuan

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    +65 8058 5527
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    1 Dickson Rd, Singapore 209493
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