Soup Restaurant CNY menu 1
For the first time, Soup Restaurant will be launching the Lobster Abalone Abundance Pot to usher in the Year of the Dragon.  The lobster is imported from Australia and sprawls across the pot. Abalone, fish maw, roast pork, plump mushrooms and other seafood are all braised to produce a moreish lobster collagen broth.  The broth boasts of seafood flavours and goes well with rice. 
Soup Restaurant CNY menu 2
Toss to a prosperous year with Soup Restaurant’s Baby Abalone & Salmon Yu Sheng.  We understand that diners can choose between baby abalone and salmon sashimi, or both.  What stood out in this place of colourful yusheng are the longans added for some extra sweetness and to celebrate the year of the dragon!
Soup Restaurant CNY menu 3
After the yusheng, our bellies were warmed with the double-boiled velvet mushroom with dried scallop in chicken soup.  As you can see – the soup is chock full of ingredients.  The velvet mushrooms are specially imported along with Japanese dried scallops and are double-boiled in chicken soup. 
Soup Restaurant CNY menu 4
And of course, every set meal for Soup Restaurant has to feature their Samsui Ginger Chicken (which needs no introduction).  The ginger in sesame oil elevates the chicken, had to ration the ginger and also control ourselves from ordering more rice to go with this dish.
Soup Restaurant CNY menu 5
Other dishes in the Prosperity Set Meal include this scallop with celtuce & cloud fungus.  Celtuce is not a common vegetable that we see served at restaurants.  However, the stems of the celtuce and the cloud fungus give a delightful crunch, providing this dish with an interplay of texture when you bite into the plump scallops.  I liked this dish even though it appears simple relative to the other dishes in the set menu. 
Soup Restaurant CNY menu 6
This year, the carbs is a steamed rice with chinese sausage and snow vegetables.  Crispy rice bits are added for texture.  You can expect distinct rice grains or as the older folks call it “liap liap”.  Snow vegetable is a classic Chinese preserved vegetable but it is our first time having it with steamed rice and chinese sausage.
Soup Restaurant CNY menu 7
If you get the Prosperity Set Menu for 8 persons and above, it comes with a Hong Kong Steamed Uncle Lapan Fish.  It may not look aesthetic but the fish is fresh and steaming it with aromatics (ginger, spring onion, coriander) and finished with light soy sauce brings out the best flavours of the fish. 
Soup Restaurant CNY menu 8
Round off the meal with Golden Mango Sago – fresh golden mangoes that are pureed and paired with soft sago and pomelo, something refreshing after the feast.  

OCBC and Citibank cardmembers can enjoy $12 off any CNY set menu.  Soup Restaurant also has CNY Reunion Takeaway Sets for 5pax if you prefer to dine in the comforts of your home.  Pre-order before 31 January 2024 to enjoy $20 off all orders.   

Budget per person: $80 to 120 per person
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