2021 marks Soup Restaurant’s 30th Anniversary in September.  As part of its celebration, the restaurant will be launching three set menus to ring in the new year: Celebration, Prosperity and Reunion Takeaway.  These set menus are available from 12 January 2021 to 28 February 2021.  Do make your reservations early!   

Toss to a great year with the exquisite Yu Sheng with Salmon and Baby Abalone.  This is accompanied by homemade citrus sauce.  
Soup_Restaurant 2
No introduction is required for this Samsui Ginger Chicken.  The chicken is consistently tendered and pairs well with the accompanying ginger, heartwarming and perfect for reunion dinners.    
Soup_Restaurant 3
Although there is nothing fancy about this fish maw soup with crabmeat and scallop, it is well executed and delicious.  Portions are rather generous too.  
Soup_Restaurant 4
A highlight of the prosperity set menu is the Golden Collagen Treasure Pot with Absolute.  Pumpkin and chicken are simmered over low heat for over eight hours to produce a moreish supreme stock – harbouring both sweet and savoury notes.  The pen cai also contains a chock full of ingredients: abalone, fish maw, fresh scallops, sea cucumber, shiitake mushrooms, prawn, broccoli, roasted pork, lotus roots and cabbage.  
Soup_Restaurant 5
This “treasure pot” is also available for a la carte order ($298 for 5 pax and $488 for 10 pax). 
Soup_Restaurant 6
The Traditional Steamed Rice with Baby Abalone and Chinese Sausage is a delectable dish with generous amounts of mushrooms, abalone and chinese sausage. 
Soup_Restaurant 7
Each menu will also offer complimentary handmade baos. We tried the handmade lotus fortune bao – lotus filling encased within soft fluffy buns.  Bonus points for these photo-worthy 福袋! 
Soup_Restaurant 8
Round off the meal with palette cleansing snow pear and aloe vera dessert.  

For those who prefer to dine at home with family, Soup Restaurant also has a takeaway set menu (for 5 pax at $368, Citibank special at $358) comprising of you sheng, samsui ginger chicken, golden collagen treasure pot with abalone, traditional steamed rice with baby abalone and chinese sausage and mini longevity buns.  

Citibank Card members can also enjoy $20 off any CNY set menu for bookings made before 31 January 2021 with promo code “Citi10”.
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