Chef Pang gives Sichuan Alley a delightful spin of Sichuan dishes in a bold new direction with more than just chillies and peppercorns. There are a number of Sichuan-style starters at Sichuan Alley – Fried Pig Intestines, Funky Pork Liver and Pickled Chilli Beef Tripe to name a few. These starters are shouting for a icy glass of beer especially Fried Pig Intestines (S$6.50). I’ve always heard from my mum how labour-intensive it is to prepare a set of clean pig intestines. These pig intestines are perfectly cleansed and braised in a 4 year old braising gravy then stuffed with leek and finally deep-fried. Light crisp skin, chewy thick inner lining with crunchy leek in the middle! It gets pretty addictive and we can’t stop at one! Dip into the chilli powder for the extra spicy kick.
Probably the thinnest pork liver that you can find!
Funky Pork Liver (S$5.50) are tossed in homemade burnt chilli oil and Chinese chives. Each tender slice has a mixed taste profile of sweet, sour, salty and spicy.
Pickled Chilli Beef Tripe (S$5.50) is a very appetizing starter with crunchy carrots and black fungus and ends with a hint of spiciness.
Besides the starters, you should also try some of the noodle dishes. Sichuan Alley is known for its Sichuan rice noodles developed by Chef Pang and team. Chef Pang is very particular with the type of noodles used in the dishes, making sure that the noodles has a firm bite and a right thickness.
A dan dan noodles that stay true to the authentic Sichuan flavour. This is why I am obsessed with Chef Pang’s Signature Dan Dan Noodle (S$9) – the noodles, minced pork and sauce. That delightful, toothsome bounce that you get from this noodles well-tossed with the seasoning sauce and generously topped with juicy flavoured minced pork with a nice crispy exterior.
The special fermented bean paste in French Red Wine Wagyu Brisket with Truffle Foam (S$25) is so enticing. With the right amount of fats, each slices of wagyu brisket is decently tender with a earthy, leathery flavour. Don’t forget to mix the truffles foam well to perfume the noodles.
You ought to be a vegetable lover! Shredded Chicken Kimchi Cold Noodle (S$9) is served with a generous servings of vegetables including kimchi over a bed of cold noodles. I felt that this dish was rather dry with a lack of sauces.
These bottled desserts namely, Nice Smelling Thingy (S$7) and Got Salted Egg (S$8) is attached with a sweet and simple handwritten note. Got Salted Egg dessert really got a strong salted egg taste with nutty white lotus seeds and sweet candied red beans.
Despite located in a side alley away from the main street, Sichuan Alley is decked in a earthy wood, simple bamboo furnishing and cosy lights. Good for a drinks or two with the starters and noodle dishes!
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