Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant is no stranger those who are familiar with the Chinese cuisine dining scene in Singapore.  This Lunar New Year, they have an exquisite selection of celebratory set menus featuring an assortment of Cantonese classics. 

Li Bai Sheraton Towers CNY 2024 menu 01
We see several restaurants including lobster (龙虾) as its main ingredient in this year’s yusheng, to welcome the year of the dragon.  Li Bai’s Treasures of the Ocean yusheng also includes the same, together with other sea treasures such as abalone, clams, sea whelk and crispy silver fish.  They also have fruit jellies that would pop once you bite into them, making their yusheng very refreshing. 
Li Bai Sheraton Towers CNY 2024 menu 02
A standout dish that I had from their menu is the Claypot Rice with Boston Lobster, Chinese Sausage and Dried Shrimp.  With these luxe ingredients, you can imagine how flavourful the rice is – I  had second servings of this!  This is available for takeaway at $288, good for 6 persons. 
Li Bai Sheraton Towers CNY 2024 menu 03
Li Bai’s premium dried seafood claypot (pencai) definitely does not scrimp on ingredients.  You can expect a whole lobster, scallops, braised mushroom, duck feet, pork belly and dace fish – a classic in Cantonese cuisine. 
Li Bai Sheraton Towers CNY 2024 menu 04
The giant truffle prawns also deserve a mention.  Although deep-fried, it is not oily and is lightly coated with Truffle-flavoured batter.  This is available for ala carte and is also part of the CNY set menu. 
Li Bai Sheraton Towers CNY 2024 menu 05
Alternatively, for those who prefer variety instead of the usual sit-down Chinese dinners, The Dining Room serves an indulgent spread of local festive delights and international delicacies.  A dish that we want to go back is this river scampi noodle soup.  Sounds simple?  It is anything but.  The broth is robust – full of sweet seafood flavours from boiling the prawn heads for hours.  One bowl is not enough. 
Li Bai Sheraton Towers CNY 2024 menu 06
You can also expect unique desserts like this Red Date Kulfi cake from its selection or a raindrop cake – all in bite-sized portions so you can try a few. 
Li Bai Sheraton Towers CNY 2024 menu 07
Festive lunches and dinners start from $78++ and $108++ for adults.  Diners can enjoy up to 25% off prepaid reservations for selected credit cards so do check out  their available promotions. 
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