Notable for Cantonese culinary heritage, Shang Palace has once again awarded with one Michelin star in 2022. And in May this year, Chef Daniel Cheung arrived to helm the restaurant and impel its eminent story in Singapore. With over 37 years in Cantonese cooking, Chef Daniel infuses time-honoured classics with modernity and a meticulous presentation. Some of the esteemed tenures including Shang Palace Kowloon (Michelin-starred restaurant), The Peninsula Hong Kong’s Spring Moon restaurant and The Jockey Club. Among his accolades are the Distinction Gold Award for Appetisers at the 10th Asian Culinary Exchange 2016; Gold with Distinction Award at Gourmet Master Chef 2014 & more.

Working closely with Chef Daniel, Shang Palace revamps its restaurant offerings with a refreshed menu featuring Shang’s renowned Nostalgic dishes, Cantonese classics, and guests’ favourites. Among the well-loved dishes include Applewood Smoked Bean Curd Rolls with Shiitake Mushroom, Carrot and Green Mustard; Fried rice with Kagoshima Wagyu Beef served in Whole Tomato; Braised Bamboo Pith stuffed with Imperial Bird’s Nest and topped with Crab Coral; Steamed Spotted Garoupa Fillet in Egg White Sauce topped with Crispy Parma Ham. You can also look out for Chef’s Daniel’s ‘personal’ versions of classic Hong Kong dishes such as Cantonese Style Crispy Chicken. Pssst, it is also my personal favourite!

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Introducing a curated set of appetiser such as dimsum and bites; Chilled Tomato with Plum Jelly, Scallop Siew Mai, Barbecued Pork Pastry and Chilled Fresh Abalone Marinated with Japanese Sake. This is my take on one of the most delicious appetizers of the moment, Chilled Fresh Abalone Marinated with Japanese Sake. The fresh abalone is first chilled and then marinated with Japanese sake for at least 6 hours, leaving succulent and tasty abalone.
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Catch as the applewood smoke surges out when uncovered, Applewood smoked beancurd rolls with shiitake mushroom, carrot and green mustard ($18) is a snappy, colourful medley as an healthy appetiser. The mushrooms are braised in soy sauce, creating a savoury touch in contrast to the crunchy vegetables.
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Bird’s nest itself has a bland flavour, glad that chef has elevated this dish with boneless quail in supreme broth ($98). The supreme broth is lovingly cooked for 8 hours using chicken, pork and Jinhua ham so that we can relish in a tantalising natural sweetness of the broth.
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Fish lover will be delighted with steamed garoupa fillet in egg white sauce topped with crispy parma ham ($48). The perfectly firm texture and sweet flavour of the garoupa with healthy sauce made with superior broth with egg white, broccoli and carrot. Along with a hint of savoury and spicy kick from parma ham and crispy ginger.
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Stewed Shrimp Pomelo Peel ($28) is probably the one of its kind in Singapore! This is a classic Cantonese dish, and an amazing use of the pomelo skin. Chef has shared that the process is very tedious from removing the bitterness of the pomelo skin to simmering in oil, placing on a bamboo steaming mat to streaming and finally simmered on low heat for another 2 hours. It is not the end until the last dressing with a sauce made with superior stock, shrimp roe to enhance the richness of the pomelo skin. Indulge in melts in the mouth texture with a soft and sweet flavour of this dish.
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At the look at Cantonese style crispy chicken served with spicy salt ($38), you already knew it must be perfectly roasted. The skin is truly crispy and the meat is so moist and flavourful. This is one of the dish that I can foresee myself keep coming back for!
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My first bite was dominated by the smokiness and heat of the Sarawak white pepper, with a background of the baked live prawns with garlic ($58) served on a very hot claypot.
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Hitting all your senses with a big emphasis on its beautiful presentation of Fried rice with Kagoshima Wagyu Beef ($28). The base is fried rice with wagyu and egg, while keeping the classic Cantonese tomato fried rice rich and sweet flavours, served in an edible large tomato.
Nourishing and nutritious Double-boiled Snow Pear with Peach Resin, Mandarin Peel and Chuanbei. A delicious beauty dessert that will delight your palate and skin. Pssst, there are more peach resin stuffed in the snow pear.

The new menu is a combination of Shang’s renowned Nostalgic dishes, Cantonese classics, and guests’ favourites which lies in the core of the Shang Palace experience has always been ‘heritage and legacy within hospitality’. Dine in Shang Palace in the ambience of an Imperial Chinese garden with floral motifs and an understated grandeur. Great for all occasions, be it family, friends, business, and visitors and welcomed by warm and friendly service staffs at Shang Palace.
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