Ser Wong Fun has a rich history since 1895. It is found directly underneath the city’s acclaimed Central Escalator. After entering the eatery, you’ll see a gigantic steel pot that holds the snake soup made on that day. Snake soup has several medicinal benefits in olden chinese medical book. Examples but not limited to, curing of bodily ailments, blood nourishment, refinement of skin quality and increasing in one’s qi or vitality levels. And the Chinese have the belief of having a bowl of snake soup is an act of “warming” up the body to balance the coldness in cold weather. Ser Wong Fun is also known for its Michelin Star in Hong Kong

Ser Wong Fun‘s snake meat is shredded into thin slices. It is boiled in a delicious broth with mushrooms, fish and lemon leaves. The crunchy crackers added crispiness in every mouthful of snake soup. It was my first attempt of tasting snake meat. Practically, the snake meat tasted like shredded tender chicken. For the individuals who felt queasy about eating snakes, don’t stress over that as they do serve other Chinese cooked dishes and Hong Kong Style Roasted Delights. I feel that the snake soup from Ser Wong Fun is expensive looking at the small bowl and few slices of snake meats. However it’s worth giving Ser Wong Fun a try on their snake soup as its not available in Singapore!

Snake Soup. (Price: HKD120; SGD21.40)

Ser Wong Fun Hong Kong

-We paid for our meal.

Budget Per Pax


How to go Ser Wong Fun Hong Kong
Operating Hours

Monday to Sunday: 11:00AM-22:30PM

Address and Contact

30 Cochrane Street, Central, Hong Kong

Contact: +852 2543 1032

Travel and Parking

Travel via public transport.

Exit D2;
Walk 9 minutes via Stanley St.
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