Following last year’s success of the “8 Hands Culinary Showcase”, Min Jiang @ Goodwood Park Hotel is bringing together 5 culinary maestros (Chefs Chan Kwok, Yim Yiu Wing, Cheng Hon Chau, Chan Hwan Kee and Ho Chee Hee) and Gourmet Ambassador Moses Lim for a crafted repertoire to showcase traditional cantonese dishes.  The 6-course or 8-course set menus will be available from 13 July to 20 July only.  

We tried a few dishes from their set menus and highlighted some of our favourites. 

Min Jiang 10 Hands Culinary Showcase 01
We started the meal with this dumpling that contains steamed diced chicken in pomegranate egg white, topped with crab roe and served with seasonal greens and superior stock. 
Min Jiang 10 Hands Culinary Showcase 02
Cut open the parcel to reveal diced chicken, carrots and mushrooms that absorb the stock well.  The flavours are on the lighter side but a good start to the meal.
Min Jiang 10 Hands Culinary Showcase 03
This has got to be one of the star dishes for the night.  In particular, we love the baked stuffed crab shell that is crispy on the outside but when dug in, it’s a creamy delight packed full of flavours.  Handpicked Sri Lankan crab meat is combined with onions and shiitake mushrooms and baked in the crab shell till golden brown, yum.  The irish duck was tender and the sliced mango in sweet plum sauce provided a sweet contrast. 
Min Jiang 10 Hands Culinary Showcase 04
The next course was another hit for us – boneless chicken thigh stuffed with bird’s nest and yunnan ham in double-boiled superior soup.  I look forward to soups when dining at Chinese restaurants, in particular double-boiled Cantonese soups.  This rendition makes it a little more luxe with a generous amount of bird’s nest and despite being double-boiled, the chicken still retains its tenderness.  
Min Jiang 10 Hands Culinary Showcase 05
The fish course features pan-fried dace fish meat, liver sausage and orange peel stuffed in a whole dace fish.  It is a unique dish and possibly one of the dishes that requires the most effort to prepare.  The fried fish skin creates a crisp exterior and the filling has complex flavours because of the various ingredients required to create this.  An oyster sauce-based dip is also served on the side.  Be careful of the tiny bones (near the skin) when having this though. 
Min Jiang 10 Hands Culinary Showcase 06
Gourmet Ambassador Moses Lim’s contribution to the set menu is the crispy wontons with pork and seafood in sweet and sour sauce.  It was served in a rather theatrical fashion complete with dry ice.  The sweet and sour sauce is a tad more sour than we would have liked it to be. 
Min Jiang 10 Hands Culinary Showcase 07
The wok-fried crispy silver hill irish duck with yam paste is a dish that yam lovers would enjoy.  A whole silver hill irish duck is steamed for two hours then padded with a layer of mashed taro, some five-spice and wok-fried till golden brown.  As you can see, there is a good meat to yam ratio and the accompanying mushroom sauce adds an earthy note. 
Min Jiang 10 Hands Culinary Showcase 08
We had the stewed white jade noodles with wild mushrooms and mustard greens for carbs.
Min Jiang 10 Hands Culinary Showcase 09
Save some stomach space for desserts because you don’t want to miss Goodwood Park’s signature D24 durian, served in a chilled pandan gula melaka rice roll.  I liked the crispy-fried water chestnut (known for its “cooling” effects) with apricot which comprises of steamed water chestnut cake that is coated in a thin batter and fried till crisp.  

Available for only a week in July (13 to 20 July), this menu is meant to bring diners down memory lane as it features on traditional classics.  

Budget per person: $138 to $168 per person
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