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A Hong Hong style restaurant chain in Singapore, London Fat Duck, prides itself in using the best quality Irish Duck, also known as the “Wagyu of Ducks”. Although they are famed for their roasted duck, their braised duck is equally amazing. Succulent and fork-tender, the braised duck soaks up the goodness of the flavourful braising sauce. Exclusive only in the Raffles City outlet, the braised duck is definitely something worth to look out for.

London Braised Duck at S$32.00 (Half) and S$58.80 (Whole).


While we are at here, how could we miss their infamous roasted delights. Glistening under the light, the Barbeque Pork with Honey Sauce (Char Siew), has a beautiful caramelised char on the outside. The tender meat was sweet and came with a nice hint of smokiness.

Barbeque Pork with Honey Sauce (Char Siew) at S$8.80/100g (min. 150g).


Coloured in a beautiful golden brown, the crackling skin was crunchy while the meat retains its moisture and juiciness. The crispy exterior against the moist and flavourful interior makes the pork belly an irresistible guilty pleasure.

Hong Kong Crackling Pork Belly at S$8.80/100g (min. 150g).

In addition to serving up great duck dishes, London Fat Duck also features dim sum and other familiar Hong Kong comfort food.


A bite of their Crispy London Duck Snow Bun reminds me of the infamous baked pork buns from Michelin restaurant Tim Ho Wan. It is as good as, if not better, than the latter. The savoury duck meat filling and sauce is encased in a sweet and crisp polo bun crust. We can’t help but reach out for more of these sinful buttery buns.

Crispy London Duck Snow Bun (3 pcs) at S$5.20.


London Fat Duck is also onboard the salted egg yolk craze with their Golden Custard Pandan Bun. In place of the meat fillings, the buttery bun is filled with creamy and decadent salted egg custard. The bun crust is infused with pandan which lends a distinctive aroma and flavour.

Crispy Pandan Snow Custard Bun (3 pcs) at S$5.20.


A twist to our one of our local favourite breakfast – Chwee Kueh, generous heaps of preserved radish is topped on the silky smooth chee cheong fun. This combination of the two popular local delights will surely appeal to both the young and old.

Steamed Cheong-Fun with Preserved Vegetables at S$5.50.

With all the dishes proving to be a hit, it is no wonder why it garners such long queues during lunch time. We can foresee the craze for London Fat Duck lasting for a long time.

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This article is written by Yi Xuan.

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How to go London Fat Duck
Operating Hours

Monday to Friday 11:30AM–10PM
Saturday to Sunday 10AM–10PM

Address and Contact

252 North Bridge Road #B1-76 Singapore, Raffles City, 179103

Contact: +65 6333 5580

Travel and Parking

Parking available at Raffles City.

Travel via public transport.

Exit A;
Walk 127 m (about 6 minutes) to Raffles City Tower.
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