We were recommended by one of the Hong Kong passer-bys to Lin Heung Tea House. Lin Heung Tea House is one of the old school tea house left in Hong Kong. Lin Heung Tea House (Lian Xiang Lou in Chinese) which origins from Guangzhou city. It has over hundred year history. I guess it must be good food and high crowd to withstand so many years. Lin Heung Tea House is awarded as michelin star restaurant under Bib Gourmand Restaurant. Lin Heung Tea House is a short walking distance from the nearest Sheung Wan MTR Station. Hong Kong Weather is cooling in May. So its comfortable to walk on the street to the restaurant.

Lian Xiang Lou

I would personally prefer places that is less touristy. It’s irony as I’m a tourist myself. However, I would much prefer to visit the authentic and traditional way of life in Hong Kong. Cheers! Lin Heung Tea House are packed with mostly locals and not much tourists in the restaurant.

Lian Xiang Lou

We have visited for dinner. And Hong Kong vegetable is my must order list. The freshness and crispiness of the vegetables that we can’t find in Singapore. This type of vegetable is called Ong Choy, 蕹菜 in Cantonese. It’s called Kong Xin Cai, 空心菜 in chinese. There are several cooking methods for vegetables. I have requested for light fry with onion. It’s so good that I can finish one whole plate by myself.

Lian Xiang Lou

When in Hong Kong, roasted goose is a must order too. Because its rare in Singapore, not like chicken or pig. The meat is tender and well marinated. The skin can also be easily separated.

Lian Xiang Lou

Chinese Barbecued Pork, Char Siu is another famous dish to order in Cantonese cuisine. The sweet sauce has enhanced the sturdy BBQ pork to another level of tastiness. Lin Heung Tea House’s small portion is big enough to feed at least 4 to share with other dishes. I would try for Lin Heung Tea House traditional dim sum breakfast on my next visit to Hong Kong.

-We paid for our meal.

Budget Per Pax


How to go Lian Xiang Lou 莲香楼 – Sheung Wan
Operating Hours

9am – 10pm

Address and Contact

#160-164 Wellington Street, Sheung Wan

Contact: +852 2544 4556

Travel and Parking

Travel via public transport.

Exit A2;
Walk about 6 minutes via Hillier St, Bonham Strand and Wellington St.
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