Kau Kee has a long history since 1930. It has huge international as well as local supporters. Kau Kee is awarded Bib Gourmand restaurants under Michelin Guide. Beef brisket, superior broth, curry soup and the iced milk tea are their speciality. I found that the menu is listed on the whole and confusing. For easy selection; Firstly, choose your base from superior broth, curry soup or oyster sauce in dry version. Next, decide on the types of meat from beef brisket, fatty beef or beef tendon. Lastly, settle on the type of noodle from flat/thin rice or yellow noodles. Kau Kee‘s beef and soup are of quality and tasty in spite of having to share the table with strangers.

Kau Kee

Fatty beef with flat rice noodle in superior broth. (Price: HKD45; SGD8)

My partner who ate this commented that it tastes better than Wagyu beef.

Kau Kee

Beef brisket with flat rice noodle in superior broth. (Price: HKD45; SGD8)

The superior broth remains flavourful despite the ingredients were added in. The beef brisket was soft and easy to bite. I believe that heat is such a basic part of cooking that Kau Kee has control it well.

Kau Kee

Delicious and piping hot beef noodle is ready to be served.

Kau Kee

Food and drink menu in Chinese. Request for English or Japanese or Korean Menu is available too.

Kau Kee

Kau Kee

Date check at Kau Kee: Saturday.

Time check at Kau Kee: 11AM in the morning before restaurant opens. Noted the last person in queue was holding onto black umbrella. It takes a little patience and endurance under the sun for a bowl of delicious beef noodle.

Tip 1: Visit Kau Kee on any weekdays, there is very minimum queue of less than 5.

Tip 2: Minimum spending of HKD45 is a compulsory.

Kau Kee Short Cut Route from Sheung Wan Exit A2.

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Kau Kee

The iconic stairs that you will see after exit A2. It is outside Cosmo Building Hong Kong. Walk towards to the right stairs.

Kau Kee

Walk towards the traffic lights. Then walk straight and up the slope until you see Manhattan Avenue Building on the right.

Kau Kee

Kau Kee

Walk up the stairs which is opposite Manhattan Avenue Building and turn left at the end of stairs. Then walk straight all the way and you will see Kau Kee.

I hope you will find this post on Kau Kee useful. Do leave a comment if you like Kau Kee too!

Also visit Sing Heung Yuen that is just opposite Kau Kee for a bowl of delicious tomato soup. One of the few Da Pai Dongs left in Hong Kong. Read food review on Sing Heung Yuen.

-We paid for our meal.

Budget Per Pax


How to go Kau Kee Restaurant Hong Kong
Operating Hours

Monday to Saturday: 12:30PM – 22:30PM

Sunday and Public Holiday: Closed.

Address and Contact

Gough St, 21, Central, Hong Kong

Contact: +852 2850 5967

Travel and Parking

Travel via public transport.

Exit A2;
Walk about 8 minutes via Wellington St.
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