Joyden Canton Kitchen has unveiled a brand new outlet at Great World City and fans of their Cantonese dishes can now dig in at a more central location. From now till 14 August, you can also enjoy their seasonal “Summer Eel Fiesta” menu, which features live eels in various renditions. We were told that live freshwater eels are harvested and flown in directly from Mainland China.

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The first rendition that we had was the Grilled Eel with Honey Glaze ($39.80) – the soft eel is first glazed with a honey and maltose mixture then grilled to golden-brown for a slightly crispy skin.  
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The Braised Eel with BBQ Sauce in Claypot ($36.80) would be one for the onion-lovers.  Bubbling in the claypot are chunks of fatty eel, shiitake mushrooms and some onions and bell peppers mixed in smoky sauce.  This dish is best savoured with a bowl of rice. 
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The third rendition was popular amongst the rest of my dining companions – wok-tossed eel with chives flower ($38.80). Cloaked in a tantalising sauce containing a blend of fermented soybean paste, this dish is savoury and is slightly spiced. 
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My personal favourite is the steamed eel with fragrant soybean crisps ($40.80).  Its uniqueness comes from how it is being prepared: a parcel of steamed eel topped with a layer of fragrant fried soybean crisps that has a nutty taste and crunchy texture. Steaming the eel also brings out the freshness of the fish. 
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Another popular dish is the Fish Maw and Tiger Prawns with Glass Noodles in Homemade XO Sauce ($22).  The glass noodles, fish maw and succulent tiger prawns are infused with XO sauce made with dried scallops and has a slight fiery kick.
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Joyden’s Signature “Moonlight” Rice Vermicelli with Egg White and Scallop ($22) is a must-try when you visit Joyden Canton Kitchen.  A cross between the Chinese classic dish of braised crab with sautéed egg whites and a local “zichar” noodle dish, Joyden Canton’s rendition features silky rice vermicelli that is imbibed with “wok-hei” and covered with luscious and fluffy scrambled egg whites stuffed with crab meat and scallop.  A pasteurised egg yolk provides the crowning glory.
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We also recommend Joyden’s Chargrilled Mandarin Peel Pork Ribs ($20) – you can expect tender meat doused in a herb-based sauce that is addictive and goes well with rice.  

The space at Joyden Canton Kitchen exudes a rather cosy and welcoming vibe too and the menu is rather extensive to cater to the tastes of different individuals in a group. 

Budget per person: S$11 – S$40
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