At Jiang-Nan Chun, Michelin-starred authentic Cantonese restaurant, delivered in the form of a degustation menu featuring signature dishes by Executive Chinese Chef Albert Au.

The degustation menu starts with a combination of Blue Prawn Toast, Crispy Suckling Pig with Oestra Caviar and Red Wine Jelly and Honey Glazed Pork Collar. Sink your teeth into crispy, perfectly golden skin. Best of all is that it is accompanied with gently briny osetra caviar and red wine jelly. Sweet, fork-tender meat, this Honey Glazed Pork Collar is a dish you’ll not get tired of.
Luxurious double-boiled fish maw soup that is intense in flavour and filled with nourishing ingredients like sea whelk and dried scallops. The soup is light, tasted like light chicken essence accompanied with soft and nutritious whelk.
Delightful QQ texture of braised star garoupa fillet with Japanese radish absorbed in superior stock, eliminates any bitterness and brings out the sweetness in the radish.
Do you love the aroma of garlic? The scent of garlic fragrance enticing us to taste and enjoy the food. Taste the wok-hey goodness of the lobster. It keeps the flavour simple with only minimum seasonings like soy sauce and dried chilli while highlighting the lobster taste.
The texture of the Braised Pork Belly is soft and could almost melt in your mouth, balanced with fruity flavours like pineapple and a hint of yuzu taste.
These deliciously chewy, springy handmade noodles is topped with baby abalone. Tender, slightly chewy in flavourful sauce but not overpowering the delicate flavours of the abalone.
Cleanse your appetite with strawberry sze chuan pepper sorbet with a mix of strawberry and sichuan tasting.
Oolong Tea Infused Jivara Chocolate Sphere with Kumquat, a new dessert invention with Chinese elements like oolong tea and western elements like chocolate.
Signatures by Chef Albert Signature Dinner Menu (Seven-Course) is available at S$198 per person. Chef focuses on fresh raw ingredients and first scent when the food is served. Choice of champagne and wine pairing +$100 per person.
    • Jiang Nan Chun | Four Seasons Hotel Singapore

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      +65 6831 7220
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