When we are around the Golden Mile area, can’t help but think of Thai food. You’ll be surprised with traditional Hainanese steamboat with over 65 years of history concealed at Golden Mile Tower. This hidden gem restaurant, Golden Mile Thien Kee Steamboat was founded back in 1952. Given its long history, your parent or even grandparents will definitely have fond memories dining at Golden Mile Thien Kee Steamboat.


The glass cabinet with steamed chicken and roasted meat caught my eye when I first stepped into Golden Mile Thien Kee Steamboat. A very simple menu with Hainanese steamboat ingredients, assorted tze char dishes, and drinks. What kept me puzzled, there is no price indicated on the menu. The waitress came shortly after we were settled. The questions that she asked were how many bowls of rice, half chicken? do you eat beef? And off she goes.


I’m glad that the food was served promptly after the order is placed. The chicken broth served was light and mildly sweet. This is the kind of soup that I know I wouldn’t feel dehydrated after binge drinking.

How do you get started if it’s your first time at Golden Mile Thien Kee Steamboat?

Simply add the vegetables into the broth with a beaten egg to the broth. You may then add in seafood and meat into the broth.


The Hainanese steamboat platter comprises of fish ball, pork meat, beef slices, fish slices, pork liver, fish maw, prawns, squid slices, cockles, assorted vegetables (lettuce, cabbage, tang oh). I have to admit that the ingredients are fresh and clean. One of my favourite ingredients goes to the “doink doink” fish balls. They’re bouncy and springy on every bite with no fishy taste or smell.



At Golden Mile Thien Kee Steamboat, we eat chicken rice with steamboat (not white rice). The chicken rice was not too oily yet fragrant. Don’t forget to drizzle some dark soy sauce to your rice. Their dark soy sauce is so tasty!


Succulent Hainanese white chicken cut into pieces topped with coriander leaf and their special sauce. The meat was tender and moist however sight pink tinge found in the middle.


Golden Mile Thien Kee Steamboat used to be crowded with diners especially dinner time. The tables and chairs are set outside the restaurant. To continue the hidden prices on the menu, the bill came up to S$89.90 for 5 pax. There is no price breakdown on the bill. If you’re wondering, Golden Mile Thien Kee Steamboat does not accept any other payment methods except for cash. So, make sure you have prepared some cash before coming down. Service is minimum at Golden Mile Thien Kee Steamboat. Also, don’t expect HDL service standards when you’re here. If you’re looking for traditional Hainanese steamboat with chicken rice and fresh ingredients, Golden Mile Thien Kee Steamboat is good for you.

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Budget Per Pax


How to go Golden Mile Thien Kee Steamboat
Operating Hours

Daily 11AM–10PM

Address and Contact

6001 Beach Road #B1-20 Golden Mile Tower, 199588

Reservation is not allowed.

Travel and Parking

Parking available at Golden Mile Tower.

Travel via public transport.

Exit B;
Walk 345 m (about 8 minutes) to Golden Mile Tower.
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Golden Mile Thien Kee Steamboat

Golden Mile Thien Kee Steamboat

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            • Light & clear chicken soup
            • Fresh ingredients


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