No longer feeling awkward when dining alone! Fufu Pot introduces individual hot pot set boosting eight different broths – Stinky Tofu, Collagen, Sichuan Mala, White Curry, Tonkotsu Miso, Korean Army Stew, Mushroom, and Tomato. Alongside with interesting appetizers such as Lollipop Chicken, Grilled Tteokbokki Skewers & Ultra Long Crispy Prawn Twisters.
These cute little Lollipop Chicken are amped up with Thai Sweet Chilli ($6.80), revealing juicy meat inside!
A spicy and sweet sauce embeds these Grilled Tteokbokki Skewers (S$4.80). We would have enjoyed more if it’s more crispy on the outer!
Crispy prawn twisters ($5.80) are addictive and not oily at all!
Funky, fermented cubes of tofu is an acquired taste that may not be acceptable for all.

Are you game for Stinky Tofu hotpot?

I’m a big fan of stinky tofu and missing my food journal in Taiwan. Can’t help but to say yes to Stinky Tofu!!! Deep inside, I know that it’s not as smelly as an authentic stinky tofu as Fufu Pot is located in a shopping mall.
What’s in a Stinky Tofu ($24.90) hotpot? Tiger prawns, clams, scallops, minced pork, Angus beef slices, enoki mushrooms, nai bai, baby cabbage and of course slices of marinated stinky tofu. Trust me, they’re not stinky at all. The broth is more towards savoury and spicy. Yes, they’re quite spicy as compared to other soup bases. I would say that I really enjoyed slurping slices of Angus beef slices in this broth. A comforting richly seasoned stinky tofu broth is also great ladled over rice and thinly sliced beef. Oh ya! Each set also comes with a small bowl of rice.
The Collagen ($23.90) hotpot is probably the popular picks among the foodies! Brimming with slices of pork shabu, fish roe ball, silken tofu, vegetables and sweet potato vermicelli. Milky light soup on the stomach compared to other hotpot broths.
A delicious beauty dessert, Beancurd with Peach Gum ($4.80) cleanses your palate especially after a satisfying spicy hotpot. Fufu pot also offers Häagen-Dazs sweet treats.
Fufu Pot is going at $9.90 for all soups, increasing by a dollar every week until 7 November 2021. Don’t forget to hop over to Fufu Pot if you’re working or shopping around Plaza Singapura.
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    +65 6250 2193
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    68 Orchard Rd, #06-07, Singapore 238839
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