Dim Dim Sum Dim Sum Specialty Store 點點點心心專門店 has 4 outlets in Hong Kong. They are located at Jordan, Mong Kok, Wan Chai and Sha Tin. Dim Dim Sum Dim Sum is a small and semi-formal dim sum store that offers delicious and creative dim sum without the crazy long queue. Saying this doesn’t imply that it doesn’t get stuffed in peak hours. Thankfully, Dim Dim Sum Dim Sum Mong Kok stays open until 2 am, so you can sneak in for a late-night supper when the crowd has dispersed. Dim Dim Sum Dim Sum sounds like a tongue twister. So how do I read it? Dim, Dim Sum, Dim Sum. Dim Dim Sum Dim Sum starts to prepare your dim sum only after order is placed. So be a little patience while waiting for good food. You can wait for up to 30 minutes.

Dim Dim Sum Dim Sum

Dim Dim Sum Dim Sum Beef Ribs with XO Sauce. (Price: HKD28; SGD5)

This was one of the most unforgettable dim sum. Juicy tender beef slices and soft french fries soaked in XO sauce. Thou it was more oily than other dim sum yet the rich XO sauce has completely sold me.

Dim Dim Sum Dim Sum

Dim Dim Sum Dim Sum King Siu Mai, 4 pieces. (Price: HKD26; SGD4.60)

Each pieces of siu mai is generously stuffed with marinated pork. Many bits of salmon roes added for a layer of sweetness.

Dim Dim Sum Dim Sum

Dim Dim Sum Dim Sum Black Truffle Mushroom Bun, 2 pieces. (HKD18; SGD3.20)

Received this dim sum with a surprise as we did not order any huge mushroom. Checking against our order chit, Black Truffle Mushroom Bun is the only dim sum that comes with mushroom. There is no truffle found in the bun. Small serving of shiitake mushroom found in a huge plain bun. We believe that this dim sum is worthy for a picture only. Nonetheless, its fascinating and I’ve been pondering on how do they make it exactly like a mushroom.

Dim Dim Sum Dim Sum

Dim Dim Sum Dim Sum Stuffed eggplant with teriyaki sauce. (HKD21; SGD3.75)

We did not order this dim sum in our first order chit. However, stuffed eggplant seems to be a popular dish that is placed on every table. I’m glad that I’ve ordered this dim sum on the last minute. Stuffed eggplant was lightly fried that makes it slightly crispy on the outside yet soft on the inside. Light sesame seeds were added to enhance the taste.

Dim Dim Sum Dim Sum

Dim Dim Sum Dim Sum Salted Egg Bun also known as Liu Sha Bao, 3 pieces. (Price: HKD20; SGD3.60)

This dim sum was one of the disappointing. Salted egg lava was too little and got absorbed into the bun completely. Nothing flows out. Another dim sum that is picture worthy only.

Dim Dim Sum Dim Sum

Dim Dim Sum Dim Sum Scorched Kai Lan. (Price: HKD17; SGD3)
Hong Kong kai lan tasted great even using light cooking method. Sauce is provided if you’re one who prefers strong flavour.

Dim Dim Sum Dim Sum

There is a charge on chinese tea at HKD3 (SGD0.50).

Dim Dim Sum Dim Sum

Dim Dim Sum Dim Sum full menu.

I would love to visit Dim Dim Sum Dim Sum again to try on other creative dim sum dishes that I’ve missed in this visit.

-We paid for our meal.

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How to go Dim Dim Sum Dim Sum Specialty Store Hong Kong
Operating Hours

Daily: 11AM – 02AM Midnight.

Address and Contact

Hong Kong, 112 Tung Choi St, Mong Kok

Contact: +852 2309 2300

Travel and Parking

Travel via public transport.

Exit D2;
Walk 3 minutes via Argyle Street.
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