At the entrance of Da Shi Fu Congee House, you will be able to spot the soy milk dispenser and the neatly stacked you tiao (chinese cruller). Together with the silky soy milk and the delicious soft congee, it makes a perfect meal for anyone. What I like most about Da Shi Fu Congee House is, they opens till 11PM. No worries if you have congee cravings late at night. We are lucky that it is just a stone away from our hotel to try this congee house. It’s remarkable that despite being a small eatery with very reasonable congee prices. Da Shi Fu did not scrimp on their ingredients. They used premium rice and quality ingredients in every bowl of congee.

Da Shi Fu Congee House

Congee with pork blood. (Price: HKD16; SGD2.90)

You just have to try pork blood while overseas because its not available in Singapore. Loves much of the bouncy soft pork blood.

Da Shi Fu Congee House

A bowl of hot, silky and starchy congee not only warms your body in the cold weather and also satisfy your stomach. I love Hong Kong congee. It is smooth and light that you can even drink it.

Da Shi Fu Congee House

Congee with grass fish and pork liver. (Price: HKD29; SGD5.20)

Fish slices are smooth however there are too many fish bones. Caution: Not suitable for kids.

Da Shi Fu Congee House

Congee with scallops, sliced abalone, chicken. (Price: HKD49; SGD8.75)

My favourite bowl of congee with all of my favourite ingredients. I had this bowl of congee twice in my recent Hong Kong trip. Fat and juicy scallops, sweet abalone slices, tender chicken pieces all in a bowl of hot congee, I can never ask for more! This is definitely a must try from Da Shi Fu Congee House.

Da Shi Fu Congee House

Rice noodle roll with shrimp and king chive. (Price: HKD19; SGD3.40)

The roll itself tastes quite bland which is why it is important for the soy sauce to give it the right taste. I love it that the sauce was light and goes very well with this steamed rice noodle roll. There are chilli, peanut and sweet sauces available for your rice noodle roll.

Da Shi Fu Congee House

Da Shi Fu Congee House

Our dishes arrived speedy after order was placed. Da Shi Fu Congee House has placed strong food hygience. As seen in picture above, the staffs are wearing gloves and face mask when handling food.

Da Shi Fu Congee House

Spoilt for choices from congee tradition style, snack, fried food, instant noodles. And its thoughtful of Da Shi Fu Congee House to include english menu translation for tourists.

Da Shi Fu Congee House

Da Shi Fu Congee House is certainly the best option for foodies who wish to try something delicious and yet light.

-We paid for our meal.

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How to go Da Shi Fu Congee House
Operating Hours

Daily: 7AM – 11PM

Address and Contact

G/F, 69 Ivy Street, Tai Kok Tsui

Contact: +852 2756 6234

Travel and Parking

Travel via public transport.

Exit B;
Walk 10 minutes via Sham Mong Rd and Kok Cheung St.
Exit A1 or A2;
Walk 13 minutes via Mong Kok Rd and Ivy St.
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