Crystal Jade Pavilion overseeing the picturesque backdrop of the waterway and Sentosa island, being the restaurant group’s third fine-dining concept. Crystal Jade Pavilion dining offers inspired menu of specialties traversing traditional to modern interpretations of exemplary Chinese dishes, by Group Executive Chef Martin Foo and his team of chefs. An elegant and breezy contemporary space characterised by a soothing teal shade designed for convivial and memorable dining experiences, great for hosting business luncheons, gathering with friends and family.

Crystal Jade Pavilion Vivocity appetiser 02
The appetisers are artfully-plated with finesse using premium quality ingredients, allowing the dry ice to waft with a dramatic impact.

Chilled Homemade Tofu with Scallop, Bonito Flakes and Perilla Leaf ($18.80) comprises of homemade egg tofu crowned with Australian scallop and bonito flakes. Here, you can enjoy the eggy flavour of silken homemade tofu and the sweetness of the scallops with a savoury touch of soy sauce and fragrance of the aromatic ‘shiso’ leaf.
Crystal Jade Pavilion Vivocity appetiser 03
A chilled, effervescent, and refreshing Chilled Tomatoes with Roselle Plum ($10) with a lovely balance of juicy roselle and appetising sour plum-macerated cherry tomatoes.
Crystal Jade Pavilion Vivocity appetiser 04
Deep-fried Mushrooms and Corn with Salted Egg Yolk ($12.80) marries the crisp and golden-brown king oyster, shiitake and hon-shimeiji mushrooms in a salted egg yolk batter with crunchy sweet corn kernels.
Crystal Jade Pavilion Vivocity appetiser 05
Not forgetting Chilled Fresh Lily Bulb and Cordyceps Flower with King Oyster Mushroom ($13.80) with Sichuan ‘mala’ dressing kick.
Crystal Jade Pavilion Vivocity appetiser 06
Enjoy bliss in a bite with Pan-fried Sliced Duck and Foie Gras with Crepe ($18.80 per person). Each piece is skillfully prepared with pan-fried
sliced duck, foie gras, julienne tomatoes, leeks, cucumber and refreshing butterhead lettuce, crispy fried beancurd skin alongside with homemade crepe. I like it that the homemade crepe is slightly toasted!
Crystal Jade Pavilion Vivocity threadfin
Notice the live seafood tank at the entrance? You know that you’ll enjoy the freshest catch daily in your preferred preparation method.
Pan-fried Threadfin with Supreme Soya Sauce ($58.80 (600-700g)) is deep-fried then simmered with superior soy sauce, leaving a golden brown coat. The meat texture is soft yet firm.
Crystal Jade Pavilion Vivocity threadfin 01
Crystal Jade Pavilion Vivocity soup 01
Indulge in the goodness of Poached Scotland Bamboo Surf Clam in Prawn Broth ($26.80 per person) where the hot soup is poured tableside so that the fresh bamboo clam pieces are not overcooked. There are some condiments for the extra textures like julienne ginger, black fungus, coriander and deep-fried dough fritters.
Crystal Jade Pavilion Vivocity soup 02
Crystal Jade Pavilion Vivocity sea cucumber
One of my favourite dishes from Crystal Jade Pavilion is Fresh Chinese Yam with Sea Cucumber in Fragrant Spicy Sauce in Claypot ($42.80). Served in a sizzling pot with a medley of crunchy Chinese yam batons, capsicum, spring onion segments, onions and dried
chillies pleasantly filled with wok hei. The chef has skillfully executed the Australia sea cucumber such that it has no iodine taste. Simply love the wobbly soft Australia sea cucumber with thick flesh and I can’t help myself to get a second or third serving for this dish!
Crystal Jade Pavilion Vivocity choy sum
Poached Choy Sum, Black Fungus & Cordyceps Flower ($24.80) brings a wide array of bright colors that is pleasing to the eyes as well as the palate. These greens are steeps in the goodness of light ginger wine broth.
Crystal Jade Pavilion Vivocity noodles
Braised Duo Vermicelli with Pearl Abalone & Pork Belly in Abalone Sauce ($33.80) gathers fried tang hoon soaked in a rich and flavourful stock made with pork belly and abalone sauce and slices of tender pearl abalone.
Crystal Jade Pavilion Vivocity dessert

A warm nourishing sweet dessert to end off the meal – Cheng Tng Sweet Soup with Six Treasures and Golden Luo Han Guo in Whole Fresh
Coconut ($13.80 per person). The flesh of the coconut is soft and delicate, with a soft set jelly feel, tasted great with the cheng tng alongside with crunchy ingredients like peach gum, white fungus, ginkgo, dried longans and lotus seeds.
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