Okinawa is known for their bountiful ingredients that are often linked to longevity. I’m excited to try some of the dishes featuring in ‘Flavours of Okinawa’ where Chinese dishes are combined with ingredients from Okinawa including Mozuku seaweed, Shikuwasa lime, local bittergourd, sea grapes, or “ocean caviar”, as well as Acerola cherries. 

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Boost your appetite with Chilled Okinawa Mozuku Seaweed($22.80) with Wasabi Aged Vinaigrette, Fresh Lily Bulb & Cherry Tomato, Crisp-fried Shredded Taro with Okinawa Mozuku Seaweed ($19.80) and Okinawa Sea Grapes on Ice served with Fragrant Spicy Soy Sauce ($19.80). Okinawa mozuku seaweed is one of the highly nutritious seaweeds and has become a staple in the diets of the people of Okinawa. Glad that nutritious ingredient tasted amazing too with the different flavours from the various dishes. 
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One of my favourite dishes is the Crispy Okinawa Bittergourd & Shimeiji Mushroom with Salted Egg ($12.80). The bittergourd is deep-fried and tossed with salted egg yolk, giving it an extra flavour and fragrance, removing any strong bitterness. 
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A fun and untraditional Pan-fried Prawn & Chives with Okinawa Mozuku Seaweed Pancake ($13.80), similar to Korean pancake, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. I wished it was less greasy though. 
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Crank up the heat with Spicy Szechuan Chicken with Okinawan Bittergourd ($22.80). You can literally feel the wok energy when the dish is served, filled with smoky and charred aroma. The spice stir fried with Okinawan bittergourd was tongue-tingling for a mild heat lover. 
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Comforting Stewed Noodle with Okinawa Mozuku Seaweed & Prawn ($15.80). The homemade la mian noodles are cooked al dente, combined with silky Mozuku seaweed in a thick and sticky seafood stock. Perfect with a touch of black vinegar. 
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Acerola Cherry Mochi ($9.80) reflects the sakura seaon with a blush of pink. The soft homemade mochi is made with Acerola cherry juice enfold a blueberry and crisp royaltine filling.
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Mini Coconut Tart with Okinawa Brown Sugar ($8.80) is a Hong Kong specialty pastry. This warm tart was buttery and it makes a sweet, crunchy treat.

Available at all fine and casual dining Crystal Jade restaurants from now to 5 May.
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