Crown Prince Restaurant is a restaurant located within Aranda Country Club that cooks up comforting Malaysian tze char dishes with a team of chefs from Malaysia.  They are currently running a promotion with up to 50% off all live crabs and lobsters. 

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We tried their new creation – creamy truffle crab ($118 for two crabs).  The sauce is the right amount of creamy with truffle fragrance, without being too jelak.  If you prefer the classic flavours, they do have chilli crab and black pepper crab too.
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Another new flavour for their lobster is the golden lobster with popcorn ($48).  The golden hue is due to the curry spices added to the umami-rich sauce and the lobsters are very fresh.
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We couldn’t miss out on their signature Chao Ta Bee Hoon ($18.80) during our visit there.  This is the basic chao ta bee hoon but you can also choose to pair the bee hoon with their fresh crabs.  
Crown Prince Kitchenette cny 2024 menu 04
In preparation for Chinese New Year, Crown Prince will also be having their own rendition of Pen Cai ($228 for small) – chock full of goodies like oysters, roast duck and meat, sea cucumber, cabbage, prawns, abalone, scallops and mushrooms in a thick starchy gravy.  Have a bowl of rice on the side because you will want to pair the pencai with some carbs. 
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Overall, Crown Prince is a place to go for tze char with hearty portions and good flavour.  It is a family-friendly place with reasonably priced food. 

Budget per person: $35 to $45
  • Crown Prince Restaurant

  • Phone
    +65 8877 4117
  • Address
    60 Pasir Ris Drive 3 #01-01 Singapore 519497
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