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Enjoy the pith of well being and magnificence with each steaming pot of soup at Beauty In The Pot 美滋锅. Propelled by the way of food for well being, the hotpot concept offers nourishing soup bases with rich flavors combined with abundant advantages. An extensive menu of fresh ingredients and Beauty In The Pot signature specialities are specially selected by the culinary team. Highlighting Beauty In The Pot Signature Twin Flavour Soup – Beauty Collagen Broth (Shark’s Cartilage Soup) and Spicy Nourishing Broth (Pork Bone Soup). So you get the best of both worlds – Youth and Beauty (青春美丽) from the Beauty Collagen Broth and Build Up A Strong Body (强身健体) from the Spicy Nourishing Broth. The signature dishes that you can’t miss out at Beauty In The Pot; such as, US Angus prime short ribs, Signature homemade fish tofu, Ebiko prawn paste, Live drunken prawns, Fried beancurd skin, Pearl sweet corn, Pork and chives dumpling and more!

Facing a wide range of varieties (meats, vegetables, dumplings, seafoods) to match with the nutritious pot, it is important to note down the steps to minimise any change to the original soup taste. Here’s the recommended steps to an amazing Chinese beauty hot pot dining experience at Beauty In The Pot!

  1. Drink a small bowl of the original soup, before anything is added. Enjoy the goodness of the rich broth.
  2. Add vegetables.
  3. Add meats.
  4. Add dumplings.
  5. Add any others.
  6. Add seafood at the last.

However if you happen to mess up your hot pot soup, not to worry, the friendly service crews at Beauty In The Pot are more than happy to recreate the taste for you.

beauty in the pot

What’s included in the Beauty Collagen Broth? Broth is freshly prepared daily, maintaining the freshness and quality of soup, which comprises shark’s cartilage (翅骨汤) as the main ingredient. The collagen rich soup is cooked for more than eight hours dense. You know that every sip of soup contains rich collagen that beats botox!

What’s included in the Spicy Nourishing Broth? The pork bone broth contains extravagant Chinese herbs such as red dates, wolfberries, ginseng, dang gui, dang shen and more. Enhanced with Szechuan chilli oil, savour the full force of spice and herbs in every pot. Savour in the concentration of herbs that are simmered for long hours, with an extra boost for immunity and vitality.

Customise Your Beauty Hot Pot. The service crew will serve a standard pot with your acceptable spicy level. However, if you find it too spicy or salty after tasting, you can also customise it to be less spicy or salty with pork bone soup (in glass bottle) as provided.

beauty in the pot

I don’t usually order sweet corn at hot pot, however this is recommended by the service crew. Thus, I have decided to give it a try. This sweet corn is different as it is imported from Cameron Highlands. It tasted best when eaten raw, yes, you can eat sweet corn raw. It is very crunchy and the sweetness from sweet corn tasted like sugar cane. Add on to the broth for extra sweetness.

beauty in the pot

If you are a beef lover, you definitely can’t miss US Angus Prime Short Ribs and US Wagyu Ribeye with beautiful marbling. It is recommended to cook for 6 to 8 seconds while retaining its tenderness, juiciness and flavour.

Whereas for Kurobuta Pork, it is recommended to cook for 20 seconds. The final product is more tender and sweet for a good taste of Kurobuta.

beauty in the pot

You can’t miss Beauty In The Pot signature home made fish tofu that is made from yellowtail fish, soya bean and egg white. It is very delicate, smooth, soft touch to the lips and simply melts in the mouth. And it is only S$1.80 per piece!!! Seriously, one piece is DEFINITELY not enough. It is recommended to cook in the spicy pot for the best satisfactory.

The la mian (noodle) may seems to be common before it is cooked. It turned amazing delicious and al dente after 90 seconds of cooking, absorbing all the goodness from the spicy pot.

beauty in the pot

beauty in the pot

beauty in the pot

Homemade assorted dumplings platter with pork roll, pork and chives, prawn roll and prawn dumpling. The dumpling skin is thin and smooth with a silky mouth feel. And my favourite piece of dumpling is pork and chives. The well marinated pork is the bomb! Prawn dumpling contains one whole prawn in it. The rest of the dumplings are pretty common.

beauty in the pot

Assorted balls platter that comes with soft bone pork meat ball, fish ball, mushroom ball and cuttlefish ball. Undeniable, handmade ball always taste better than mass produced. It is bouncer with better texture and recommended to cook for 8 minutes.

beauty in the pot

Gourmet chicken sausage is very crunchy on the outside even after it is cooked in the hot soup. It is amazing, worth a try.

beauty in the pot

Ebiko Prawn Paste is my favourite next to the Fish Tofu which I have recommended earlier. Loves the springy texture prawn paste with many mini bursting ebiko bites. Don’t forget to mix the ebiko and prawn paste well before cooking in the hot soup.

beauty in the pot

Fried beancurd skin is another favourite of mine. Dipped in spicy pot for 3 seconds, leaving a crispy outside and soft inside. I have no idea what have they added to the beancurd skin that made it so delicious!

beauty in the pot

Fried fish skin is best dipped in spicy pot for the spicy crispy shiokness!

beauty in the pot

All seafoods at Beauty in the Pot are freshly delivered from the fish market daily. Thickly sliced red grouper served on bed of ice. Every slice is moist and sweet, recommended to cook in beauty pot for 1 to 1.5 minutes.

beauty in the pot

It’s one of Beauty In The Pot signature dishes that you MUST order. These live tiger prawns are drunk in Chinese wine and you might hear some popping sounds from the covered container. It is recommended to leave this dish at the last as the drunken prawns may affect the original taste of the soup. Pouring some of the Chinese wine into the hot soup for a different soup experience. Try zingy ocean-like with Chinese wine infused prawns like never before.

beauty in the pot


beauty in the pot

Recommended dipping sauce counter. Don’t miss out to concoct your personal dipping sauce. Follow the recipe for the perfect dip or look for any crews for assistance.

beauty in the pot

beauty in the pot

beauty in the pot

Never leave without dessert; refreshing yuzu sorbet that helps in digestion and clear your palate.

beauty in the pot

I had a wonderful dining experience with excellence service from Beauty In The Pot. The recommended step guide and cooking time are shared by one of the friendly staffs, Po Wei. In addition, he also assisted in cooking and food plating. And not forgetting to note that I’ve dropped one of the chopsticks and he made a replacement immediately. All service crews gave a 90 degree bow after food is served and before they leave the table. Definitely one of the best services that I have experienced so far, nothing to pick about.

With these tips, I hope you guys have a wonderful dining experience at Beauty In The Pot.

Don’t miss out Beauty in the Pot‘s second outlet conveniently located at The Centrepoint, 5th floor, opening in Mid of December with extended opening hours till 6am.

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*Service charge(10%) and GST(7%) applicable.

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