Media Tasting at Nesture Birds Nest Cafe

It is difficult to live as a tai tai in Singapore, considering our high living standard. Tai tai means a lady who has plenty of time and money to spend on. Congratulations if you are one, and don’t be disappointed if you are not. Now, you can also enjoy few hours of tai tai lifestyle; enjoying birds nest dessert at Nesture without a burn in your wallet. A wide selection of flavours and favourites are available including: macarons, assorted cakes, orh nee, brownie, waffle, birds nest bowl, drinks and more! The good thing is all desserts come with birds nest. What’s even better! Affordable prices from S$2.80. Definitely a steal for premium birds nest dessert. Bring a smile to your girlfriend, wife, friends and your loved ones with these beautiful desserts. Pssst, Mother’s Day is coming, it’s definitely one of the best gifts for your mom. Sharing my redeem code: rachel15; The redeem code is valid from 1st April to 30th April 2017. It will be S$15 dollar off with a minimum spending of $80.

Besides the media tasting, we also have an enriching workshop on birds nest. Learning how to identity the different types of birds nest, differentiation of birds nest with and without bleaching. If you happen to buy chemically treated and bleached, it may increase the chances of your child developing asthma. Whilst pure edible birds nests are rich in nutrients with health benefits for our body. So, it is important to buy the real birds nest without bleaching.

So, how do we identify the real birds nest without bleaching?

  1. The best way is by smelling. Real birds nest without bleaching has a nice egg smell after being cooked. Whilst bleached birds nest has a rather plastic smell.
  2. Visual experience. Real birds nest is very fragile and easy to dissolve in water. It will expand four to seven times bigger than the original size. Real birds nest will have its water translucent throughout the soaking process. Whilst the bleached birds nest have signs of decolouring into the water due to bleaching. I have also spotted that the corner of real birds nest is smooth as compared to bleached birds nest that is thick and chunky.
  3. Or simply visit Nesture for your real birds nest; less the excess worries.

Nesture oversees the whole process; from harvesting birds nest from the abundant island of Sumatra, Indonesia to cleaning to packaging. Though Nesture is located in Singapore, there are many CCTV in Indonesia factory that the owner can monitor its processes locally. Rest assure that you are eating is 100% real birds nest without bleaching.

birds nest

Macaroons deconstructed would make for the perfect little nest. I like it that it is not too sweet and there are so many flavours to choose from.

13 Types of Macaroon Flavours:

  • Cookie Butter
  • Chinese White Peach
  • Blue Velvet Oreo Cheese
  • Passion Fruit
  • English Lavender
  • Strawberry
  • California Pistachio
  • Asian Honey Mango
  • French Vanilla
  • Chinese Lychee
  • American Blueberry
  • Colorado Rose
  • Black Velvet Nutella Cheesecake

Birds nest macaroon at S$2.80 each.

birds nest

Birds nest drink in honey lemon or ginseng with rock sugar at S$6 each.

birds nest

Superior crystal cup, royal golden cup, superior crystal triangle; prices from S$68.

Birds nest concentrate (100ml/150ml) at S$23.90 and S$34.90 respectively.

birds nest

Indulge in Premium Birds Nest in a Bowl for the ultimate satisfaction. The premium birds nest is brewed with very minimum amount of rock sugar. If you really buey tahan need sugar, there are also rock and white sugar syrups for you to add on.

birds nest

birds nest

Beautiful cakes with birds nest added that little cute puppy can’t resist too! Personally opt for the ang mo carrot cake, those who prefer sweet cakes may consider the cakes as displayed on the right.

Assorted cakes at S$6.90 each.

birds nest

Soul-soothing warm orh nee with birds nest that go from the table to tummy without much waiting!

Orh nee birds nest served with coconut cream at S$12.90.

birds nest

Expect more birds nest desserts such as Mango Pomelo Panna Cotta with Birds Nest, Baileys Tiramisu with Birds Nest and Birds Nest Gula Melaka Creme Brûlée at S$8.90 each.

birds nest

Saving the best at the last, Birds Nest Brownie with the dollop of birds nest lying comfortably on warm brownie. It is addictive, one scoop is definitely not enough!

Birds Nest Brownie with ice cream at S$12.90.

birds nest

Homemade waffle with ice cream topped with birds nest.

Waffles with Birds Nest served with ice cream flavour of the day topped with Birds Nest at S$$14.90.

birds nest

Wide range of dried birds nest such as Superior Crystal, Royal Golden, Superior Crystal Triangle Cup and more.

birds nest

Visit Nesture for your cravings on 100% real birds nest without bleaching. Don’t miss out my redeem code: rachel15 ; The redeem code is valid from 1st April to 30th April 2017. It will be S$15 dollar off with a minimum spending of $80.

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How to go Nesture Birds Nest Cafe
Operating Hours

Daily: 12PM – 10PM

Address and Contact

491 River Valley Rd Singapore 248371 River Valley Rd, Singapore 248371

Contact: +65 68211771


Travel and Parking

Parking available at Valley Point Shopping Centre.

Travel via public transport.

Exit B;
Walk 347 m (about 8 minutes) to the bus stop at Opposite Blk 48, Lower Delta Road.
Board Bus 14, 32, 65 at Opposite Blk 48 (10381), Lower Delta Road. Alight at Opposite Valley Point Condominium, River Valley Road, 1 stop later.
Walk 85 m (about 2 minutes) to Valley Point Shopping Centre.
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