Media Tasting at DreamWorks KouKou Cafe

Are you ready for the FIRST DreamWorks KouKou’s themed cafe in the world? And it really makes me wonder why KouKou? Named after the Chinese character “口”, as adorable as the bite-sized characters. If you have read my previous post on Gudetama Cafe, Dreamworks KouKou Cafe is brought to you by the same folks from Gudetama Cafe.

Let’s have a quick look to find out what’s in DreamWorks KouKou Asian-inspired menu – main courses from Korean Kimchi Ramen to Vietnamese Pho to Japanese Soba, sides, desserts and a range of speciality drinks. Most of the main course is accompanied by bite-sized mantous with cute characters like Shrek, Princess Fiona, Po, Mei Mei, Marty or Melman.


Featuring my favourite dish from DreamWorks Koukou Cafe – Kimchi ramen.

The kimchi ramen was packed with assorted seafood including prawns, clams, mussels, squids in spicy collagen broth. A little spicy, a little sweet with a hint of seafood and kimchi in the broth body. I must admit that I ate most of this! HAHA!!

Secret Ingredient Noodle Soup at S$23++.


What’s hidden behind the three pieces of nicely pressed onigiri? The grilled salmon with tender flesh, and fat that has been fully rendered. The Japanese rice might be a little too plain to eat by itself, don’t forget to dip into Bechamel salted egg sauce. Would have liked it better if the salted egg yolk sauce was stronger.

Never Leave A Man Behind at S$22.50++.


Healthy dish with nutritious rice, mixed vegetables and few slices of hamburg steak. Recommended for rice lover, too overwhelming, we couldn’t finish the rice.

Night Fury Steak Rice at S$18.50++.


Here are some of the kawaii dishes presented on the media tasting table.

Peek-A-Boo Cold Soba at S$14++.


“Hug Time!” Curry Rice at S$16.50++.


Interesting combination of the savoury fun sliders; spot the bite-sized brownie and marshmallow in peanut butter sauce sandwiched between deep fried man tous. Pssst… the soft serve melts way too quickly. Scoop up the ice cream before it melts into a pool.

Fun sliders at S$9++.


On the other hand, the sweet princess dessert with mixed berries mousse cake topped with pink candy floss and light and crispy rice puffs. The mousse cake gave a flavour progression with a heavy sweetness at the end.

“Hairlarious” Princess Dessert at S$18++.

A little disappointed as the drinks were quite diluted.


DreamWorks KouKou Cafe has officially open to the public on 3 March 2018. Get ready to immerse in your favourite DreamWork’s animated characters including Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, Shrek, How To Train Your Dragon and Trolls. To complete DreamWorks KouKou Cafe experience, there are many photo spots where you can take photos together with your loved ones. From the eye-catching dome-shaped booths to animated walls with DreamWorks KouKou characters and not forgetting the lovely tables dressed in various different kawaii DreamWorks characters.

*Service charge(10%) and GST(7%) applicable.

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Budget Per Pax


How to go DreamWorks KouKou Cafe
Operating Hours

Daily: 11AM – 10PM

Address and Contact

201 Victoria Street,Bugis+, #05-04/05/06, 188067


Travel and Parking

Parking available at Bugis+.

Travel via public transport.

Exit C;
Walk 217 m (about 7 minutes) and walk to Bugis+.
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