Popular Korean cafe and coffee brand Dal.Komm Coffee unveils a new concept, Dal.Komm Playground, in the heart of Guoco Midtown. 

Dal.Komm Playground 01
Inspired by a fox’s den, you can expect cosy nooks and corners and a bright al fresco area so you can take your pick depending on whether you’re there for daytime dining or after-work drinks.
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Some of the recommended small bites include the Pan Fried Sotteok ($16.90), a popular Korean street food. Chewy rice cakes and juicy sausages are basted with a spicy gochujang-based sauce topped with scallions and sesame seeds. 
Dal.Komm Playground 03
The Fox M Boneless Fried Chicken ($16.90) would pair well with an ice-cold beer or chug down with one of the cocktails that they have.  Golden brown, deep-fried K-style chicken chunks are served with a piquant Dal Komm house-made dip.  I like that these chicken bites are boneless so it makes for easy-eating. 
Dal.Komm Playground 04
If you’re there in a group, we recommend getting the Seafood Pancake ($23.90).  The slightly charred pancake promises a crispy bite and is studded with prawns, scallops, octopus and onions, paired with a fragrant sesame-soy dip.  Although it is made with a house-made kimchi batter, the spice is quite muted so those who don’t take much spicy food can also share this.
Dal.Komm Playground 05
Another popular sharing dish is the Signature Seafood Kimchi Ramyun Soup ($39.90).  A flavourful treasure trove of seafood goodness featuring baby octopus, scallops, prawns, crab leg and kimchi, coupled with springy ramen noodles steeped in a robust savoury broth.  This is designed to be shared between two, but the portion seems enough to feed up to three. 
Dal.Komm Playground 06
For those seeking vegetarian alternatives, the Vegetarian K-Bowl ($14.90) is a bibimbap with roasted mushrooms, egg, kimchi and a medley vegetables tossed in their house-made gochuchang sauce. 
Dal.Komm Playground 07
The Spicy Ssamjang Prawn Pasta ($20.90) is a fusion / cafe dish, with linguine, succulent prawns and cherry tomatoes tossed in an umami-full ssamjang (traditional Korean fermented soybean paste) sauce.  The linguine is served al dente although I would have preferred for a larger serving of noodles.
Dal.Komm Playground 08
Cool off the heat with the Strawberry Makgeolli Bingsu ($38).  Finely-shaved ice is adorned with fresh strawberries, blueberries and thyme. 
Dal.Komm Playground 09
Pour the bottle of makgeolli into the glass bowl and stir it with a glass ladle before helping yourself to a cup of icy strawberry alcoholic dessert.  

To celebrate its opening, Dal.Komm Playground is offering an all-day happy hour promotion for a limited time.  More details on Dal.Komm Coffee’s instagram page!

Budget per person: $20 – 30 per person
  • Dal.Komm Playground

  • Phone
    +65 9008 4886
  • Address
    124 Beach Rd, #01-08 Midtown Market, Singapore 189771
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