Media Tasting at Cinnamoroll Pop-up Cafe at Kumoya

Konnichiwa, Cinnamoroll has arrived in Singapore at Kumoya to mark the Sanrio character’s 15th anniversary. That calls for a joy for Cinnamoroll fans! Being Singapore’s first Halal-certified Japanese-French cafe with enticing mains, desserts and beverages eg. Flying Clouds Cinnamoroll Burger, Flappy Floppy Heart Chicken Karaage with Waffles, Kiss Me Sweet Cafe Latte, Hot and Rich Chocolate and more! The special menu is curated and styled by Shirley Wong, better known as Little Miss Bento, together with the kitchen team at Kumoya.

Cinnamoroll Cafe

After bubbling so much, just a short intro of Cinnamoroll. Cinnamon is actually a male white puppy with fluffy, floppy and long ears that has the capability to fly. His blue eyes, pink cheeks and a cinnamon roll alike tail make him more irresistible KAWAII! Sanrio characters never disappoint and are too cute to resist. Cinnamoroll is from Sanrio and belongs in the same family as the popular Hello Kitty, Gudetama and more. Besides the cutie Cinnamoroll, don’t forget to say hi to Cappuccino, Espresso and Chiffon too.

Sorry to disappoint Cinnamoroll fans, as this is a pop-up cafe, the special menu is only available from 17 May to 13 August 2017. So hurry! Feed your eyes, tummy and camera with the adorable Cinnamoroll.

Cinnamoroll Cafe

Did Cinnamoroll falls into the chocolate drink with his butt sticking out? HAHAS. It’s made with Cinnamoroll marshmallow with his iconic cinnamon roll alike tail. And tasted like hot milo with sweet marshmallow!

Hot and Rich Chocolate at S$7.90.

Cinnamoroll Cafe

Cinnamoroll Cafe

Fly to the sky with Cinnamoroll floppy and long ears! Crispy Chicken Katsu filled with tomato and vegetables sandwiched between the ever adorable Cinnamoroll mantou burger bun. It’s so cute to be eaten, isn’t it! I got pretty addicted to the sides; potato chips with nacho cheese and fish cakes.

Flying Clouds Cinnamoroll Burger at S$17.90.

Cinnamoroll Cafe

Loves in the air with Flappy Floppy Heart Chicken Karaage with Waffles. Spotted many tomato, fluffy potato and ham hearts. It’s a sweet dining with Cinnamoroll. Besides buttery waffles, you can also expect juicy karaage chicken. Drizzle these goodies with house-made sweet shoyu glaza and refreshed with mixed salad.

Flappy Floppy Heart Chicken Karaage with Waffles at S$19.90.

Cinnamoroll Cafe

Limited Edition Cinnamoroll Eclairs.

Set of 4 at S$13.90 or
Set of 2 at S$7.90

Cinnamoroll Cafe

Eye catching dessert with special double swirl parfait with edible wings, cheesecake, mixed berries, limited edition macarons and served with specially concocted Blue Lagoon sauce and fluffy cotton candy.

Cinnamoroll Berries Fantasy Parfait at S$17.90.

Cinnamoroll Cafe

Don’t forget to drizzle specially concocted Blue Lagoon sauce to your dessert.

Cinnamoroll Cafe

Cinnamoroll Cafe

Cream cake lover will be delighted with Fly-in-the Clouds Yuzu Chiffon Cake. The chiffon cake is infused with yuzu and frosted with fresh cream and surrounded by fluffy cotton candy.

Fly-in-the Clouds Yuzu Chiffon Cake at S$15.90.

Cinnamoroll Cafe

Coffee lover will be tempted by the coffee fragrance after the pour shot. Kumoya’s signature pancake parfait comes with limited edition butter cookies, fluffy cotton candy and also a shot of cold espresso. It’s good for dessert lover who prefers their dessert to be less sweet.

Expresso’s Coffee Express Playround at S$16.90.

Cinnamoroll Cafe

Blue curacao syrup with nata de coco topped with a very Instagrammy cotton candy Cinnamoroll. What happens after you’ve poured in soda water?

Cutie Cutie Special Cinnamoroll Blue Soda at S$14.90.

Cinnamoroll Cafe

Sayonara to the cotton candy Cinnamoroll~

Cinnamoroll Cafe

Cinnamoroll Pop-up Cafe at Kumoya Menu.

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Cinnamoroll Cafe

Love most of the food and dessert served here except Cinnamoroll mantou that is too thick. However they’re way too cute to resist! Do note that the menu items are not available for takeaway except for Eclairs. Cinnamoroll is well lit with many soft lights such that dining is comfortable. Don’t miss the cloud deco hanging in the midst seems like a sign to welcome all diners to the cafe. And the highlights! The plushies, wall art as well as the tables are full of Cinnamoroll and his friends! Forget all your stresses and return to the days when we were kids.

*Service charge(10%) applicable.

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How to go Cinnamoroll Pop-up Cafe at Kumoya
Operating Hours

Tuesday to Friday and Sunday: 12PM to 9.30PM

Saturday: 12PM to 10.30PM

Monday: CLOSED

Address and Contact

8 Jalan Klapa Singapore 199320


Reservation not allowed.

Travel and Parking

Parallel parking available.

Travel via public transport.

Exit B;
Walk 469 m (about 14 minutes) to Kampong Glam Conservation Area.
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