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Joining the Cicheti concept by The Cicheti Group like Fynn, Caffe Cicheti is a modern-day osteria awaiting scrumptious explorations of Italy. Enjoy a reprieve from the festive devouring and jump onto the brilliant flavors found at Caffe Cicheti, served up Italian cuisine, alongside wine pairing overflowing with life by culinary expert Aun and Ronald Kamiyama.


The sardine is covered in polenta and semolina flour till golden-brown. It turned out firm and decently fresh, yet not dry and it tastes good. Get a touch of lemon juice or garlic aioli if you want. I’ve enjoyed with garlic aioli!

Sardine Fritte at S$18.


These innocent brussel sprouts turned out better than I expected! These sweet brussels sprouts are glazed in a warm, sticky pomegranate molasses and one of my favourite side dishes! Adding candied pecans is a great way to elevate regular brussels sprouts and make a crunchy side to serve before the main course.

Brussels sprouts at SS$10.


We love the fresh, sweet taste of basil, and when our pasta explode with the stuff. It’s of al dente texture however I crave for more basil in this pesto pasta. For a cleaner and lighter eating, alongside with pounded pine nuts and shaved parmigiana in a creamy consistency.

Pesto pasta at S$22.


Pork rack well-roasted and rubbed with fermented garlic and a house five-spice mix. The game changer for this Iberico pork meat is the fats. The smooth layer of fats and the burnt light crisps on the outside provided an extra dimension and refreshed with thinly sliced granny smith apples and a zesty kale salad.

Iberico pork with granny smith apple and kale at S$29.50.


A comfort Italian-American stew arise from San Francisco, you can see assorted seafood like prawns, flower clams, scallops and squid swimming in a bright house-made tomato sauce and cream. Love to dip the house-made focaccia into the nice deep orange-red fish and prawn broth.

Cioppino at S$26.


Giandula semifreddo is a Piedmont specialty found in the coastal regions of Liguira. The bitter dark chocolate will hit you first, followed by the crushed Amaretti biscuits and chopped hazelnut. The light and moist olive oil cake made from extra virgin olive oil from Greece, served with a scoop of vanilla gelato is a good alternative too. Being a fan of sweet wine, love the Sourgal Moscato d’Asti pairing with Giandula semifreddo added a sweet dimension.

Giandula semifreddo at S$12.50.

Olive oil cake with vanilla gelato at S$11.

*Service charge(10%) and GST(7%) applicable.

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How to go Caffe Cicheti
Operating Hours

Monday to Friday: 11.30AM – 2.30PM (lunch); 5.30PM – 10.00PM (dinner)
Saturday: 11.30AM – 3.00PM (weekend brunch); 5.30PM – 10.00PM (dinner)
Sunday: 10.30AM – 4.30PM (weekend brunch)

Address and Contact

South Beach Avenue, 26 Beach Road #B1-21, 189768

Contact: +65 6384 1878

Travel and Parking

Parking available at South Beach Tower.

Travel via public transport.

Exit C;
Walk 419 m (about 10 minutes) to South Beach Tower.
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