Media Event at Bosch Cooking Course and Recipes

It was a privilege to have attended a cooking course held at Bosch Experience Centre, conducted by Chef Helge Hagemann and Chef Max Strauch who flew all the way to Singapore from Germany.

As Culinary Ambassadors of German cuisine, they were really passionate about their craft and had already prepared all the mis en plus ready for the cooking workshop. The cooking workshop consists of preparing a starter (Smoked Jerusalem Artichoke, Peas and pickled Plums), a main (Confit of Fjordforelle, pickled beetroots, Blinis, Yogurt and Parsley) as well as desserts (Hazelnutparfait , Honybread, Pumpernickel and Bayleafcherries). Some of the ingredients used such as honey is a popular ingredient commonly used in German cuisine. German food doesn’t always have to be German sausages and pork knuckles.  

We as participants were all excited and had contributed our part preparing a component in either the starter, main or desserts. Finally, we all managed to put together our 3 course meal at the end of the day. Check out all the 3 mouth watering dishes, prepared by us, supervised by Chef Helge Hagemann and Chef Max Strauch.












Starter (Smoked Jerusalem Artichoke, Peas and pickled Plums)

A delicious combination of soft artichoke with pureed peas. The sourness of the pickled plums definitely whetted my appetite for the mains!


Main (Confit of Fjordforelle, pickled beetroots, Blinis, Yogurt and Parsley)

The potatoes were quite a challenge for the group who prepared them since they looks like sticky paste before being pan fried. The turned out rather delicious after all. The flex seed chips were unique and acts as a beautiful garnish while the slab of salmon was done to perfection, tender and retaining as its moisture. I could have another serving of this dish.


Desserts (Hazelnut parfait , Honybread, Pumpernickel and Bayleafcherries)

It definitely was worth that effort which my aching arms had went through whisking the egg yolks while my group whipped the cream and egg whites for the parfait. Combined with other elements, the dessert was a mix of textures from crunchy to sandy. Taste wise was rather balance as well.


Thank you  Chef Helge Hagemann, Chef Max Strauch, Bosch and team for the wonderful cooking experience.

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