“How would you like your steak to be done?”

This question is often asked in a restaurant. I still remember vividly how this question caught me by surprise on my first visit many years back. I was like huh? ehhh.. hmm.. Thank God for the kind waitress who patiently explain the differences.

  • Blue rare at 115F (46C): Seared on the outside, completely red throughout. Meat remains gel-like in texture and difficult to chew, juice not yet flowing freely.
  • Rare at 125F (52C): Seared and still red 75% and cool center. Once the heat transfer is completed during the resting period. This steak will achieve The Perfect Steak, tender and juicy.
  • Medium rare at 135F (57C): Seared with warm and 50% red center. Just passed the point of The Perfect Steak.
  • Medium at 145F (63C): Seared outside, 25% pink center. Much drier and tougher than The Perfect Steak, but still palatable.
  • Medium well at 155F (68C): Done throughout with a slight hint of pink center.
  • Well done at 165F (74C): 100% brown. Cooked throughout, no pink.

What’s your preferred steak doneness?

I’m loving Medium Raw Steak, a more pinkish shading with somewhat pink juice oozing. It will be somehow delicate, light and marginally springy.

Steak has been my favourite meat. It not only supplies protein and also provides iron and B vitamins and contains zinc. Iron conveys our body requirements for red blood cells to transport enough oxygen to various parts of your body. B vitamin helps to build muscle mass, strengthens your immune system and helps promote a healthy brain. Zinc advances a healthy body.

What sauce goes with steak? Add a kick to your steak with mushroom brown sauce or red wine sauce to enhance the flavour of the steak.

To balance off diet, I would add on side dishes such as grilled tomato, roasted mushroom, creamed spinach, roasted broccoli or garden salad.

I’ll be sharing my most frequent visit restaurant in the next few posts, see you guys there!

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