Bedrock Bar & Grill marks the fourth and final edition of its 2021 World Meat Series with Barley Fed Angus Beef by Australian producer, Pure Black.  The World Meat Series (which has been running for 5 years) showcases some of the finest and lesser known premium meats sourced around the world. 
Pure Black Barley Fed Angus Beef is known for its superior marbling and tenderness as the cattle is fed a custom-formulated natural barley ration for 150 days.  This special feed ration maintains year-round consistency and quality of beef without added hormones or antibiotics.  Using this premium beef, Bedrock has specially created 3 dishes that will be available from 13 October 2021 to 9 January 2022 for diners to savour.

This flatbread is served hot – not warm, but piping hot, even as you tear it off, layer by layer.  We were told that the bread takes about 8 hours to make and proof and it is baked and served fresh out of the oven with a side of confit garlic and creamy butter from New Zealand.  Must have, even if you are on a low-carb diet.
The first of the mains from the World Meat Series 2021, is the Short Rib Burger ($38++).  Slightly pricey for a burger, but well-worth every penny. 
Instead of your usual beef patty, what you get is a short-rib that is slow-cooked in the oven at 60 degrees for 72 hours, resulting in a superrrr tender meat.  The sandwich is assembled with smoked picnic ham, Gruyere cheese and mesclun salad and sandwiched between buns made from Yukon Gold mashed potatoes. 
The accompanying side is also note-worthy: thinly sliced onions seasoned with salt and pepper, coated in plain flour and deep fried till crispy.  You have been warned that these onion rings are so light you just keep coming back for more.
The second dish, red wine braised beef shank ($158++ for approximately 2.5kg).  A 2.5kg beef shank is slow cooked until tender in a braising liquid of red wine, beef stock, tomato paste, carrots, onions, garlic and celery.  It sits atop a bed of roasted vegetables consisting of swede, parsnip, beetroot, carrot and celeriac that has been glazed with aromatic beef jus and fresh rosemary.  This is perfect for sharing amongst two (large eaters) to four (smaller eaters) as the serving size is rather generous.
The last dish that we tried from the World Meat Series Pure Black Barley Fed Angus Beef menu is the Woodfire Grilled Kombu Cured OP Ribeye ($180++ for approximately 1kg), an east-meets-west dish.  The ribeye is prepared with a traditional Japanese culinary technique called Kobujime.  Bedrock’s ribeye is wrapped and dry-aged in Kombu for up to 14 days before being grilled over Applewood fire.  Boasting smokiness and an excellent crust, the flavour of the ribeye is further elevated by serving it with a kombu compound butter of finely chopped shio kombu, chives and fresh sansho pepper.
Apart from all that meat, we also had Bedrock’s mainstays – mac n cheese ($22).  Luscious cheese sauce is made from gorgonzola cheese blended with cooking cream. The pasta used is a thin tube maccheroni that is boiled till al dente for a nice bite.  Once cooked, the pasta is combined with cheese sauce and poured into a cast iron skillet with parmesan cheese added on top and placed under a salamander to get a nice crust and crunch.
Ahead of the gifting season – our favourite season of the year! – Bedrock Bar & Grill is offering a gifting option with the Applewood-Smoked Flourless Burnt Cheesecake ($32), presented in a specially made wooden box.  Do note that it is available for takeaway and delivery only.  You can order the cheesecake and opt for a complimentary personalised card and portrait photo presented in a Polaroid-style frame – simply email your personalised message and portrait photo of your fondest memory to Bedrock Bar & Grill 24 hours in advance and they will have the same printed and delivered together with the burnt cheesecake.  You can order online via
We can see why Bedrock Bar & Grill is always a go-to spot for reliable steak.  The excellent service, central location and comfortable dining environment are all plus points.
Budget per person: $70 – 100  
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