Gifting mooncakes during Mid-Autumn Festival between family members, colleagues and businesses have become an element of Chinese culture. It is one way to keep in touch with your loved ones and also show appreciation to your business associates. As gifts, the presentation of the mooncakes is just as important as the taste. Awfully Chocolate has packaged artisanal mooncakes luxuriously presented in their one-of-a-kind bespoke wooden keepsake chests. Each chest of Classic Baked Mooncakes even comes with four brushed gold tins with engraved wooden lids and individual gold fork-knives. These elegantly designed wooden chests are perfect as an accessory box.


Famed for their Signature dark chocolate cake between layers of dark chocolate fudge In this Mid-Autumn Festival 2020, Awfully Chocolate focuses handmade chocolate gifting. This year, Awfully Chocolate has come out with a uniquely Awfully Chocolate Mid-Autumn Collection 2020 series – Classic Baked Mooncakes and Chocolate Truffle Mooncakes.


Chocolate lovers will be delighted with pure Chocolate Truffle Mooncakes. Each exquisite handcrafted chest unveiled eight pieces of mooncakes in four flavours including Chocolate Autumn Berries, Matcha Dark Chocolate, Dark Milk Espresso and Caramel Calamansi Truffle Mooncakes. Enjoy the maximum flavour and enjoyment of mooncakes with cacao flavours. It’s the combination that makes Dark Milk Espresso a winner: espresso, divine dark chocolate and the creamy texture of white chocolate.



It’s hard to go wrong with a classic! That’s why we adore the Classic Baked Mooncakes in four different flavours including Dark Chocolate Brownie, Six Treasures in White Lotus, Shanghai White Lotus with Double Yolk, and Shanghai Golden Custard Single Yolk. These classic mooncakes are baked in either Golden Shanghai pastry or Signature dark chocolate pastry, finished off with Canton style.

Another new flavour in Awfully Chocolate is their Six Treasures with White Lotus flavour. An unexpected twist from the traditional “Five Nut” mooncake. Discover the range of 100% Premium Dark Cocoa with its distinctive roast intensified with salty-sweet medley of fruit and nuts.

If you have noticed, the large physical Mid-Autumn fairs have been cancelled. Rest assured, you can still pre-order your mooncakes at their stores or make an online purchase through and Singapore’s largest dedicated online

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