If you’re a hot pot lover and work in the CBD, check out City Hot Pot at wallet-friendly prices. We have ordered their popular set B that comes with 10 items including Wagyu chuck eye roll, pork collar, fish fillet, prawns, prawn paste, luncheon meat, crab stick, vegetable platter, mushroom combo and a staple. There are 12 different soup bases to choose from the classic chicken soup, Sichuan spicy, Thai Tom yum soup, tomato to Korean kimchi soup to the recommended fish soup, bak kut teh, prawn soup. At City Hot Pot, we were served individual hot pot. That’s hassle-free as my friend is allergic to seafood while I’m a big fan of seafood! Each set meal is inclusive of a variety of sauces and appetiser.

City Hot Pot
One Raffles Place, #04-26/27/28, Singapore 048616
Da Miao Hotpot is originated from various cities in China including Chengdu, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Shenyang, Xi-an. Serves up Sichuan cuisine, Da Miao Hotpot’s special blend soup is said to contain more than twenty spices, vegetable oils and herbs. For once we were so engrossed in their exciting performances and food is secondary. We were served with Da Miao Traditional Yuan Yang Soup Pot which is a combination of Fresh Mushroom & Pig Bone Soup and Da Miao Special Spicy Soup. Some of the dishes that we have enjoyed imported Australia Prime Beef, Pork Slices, Fresh Shrimp Paste, Scallops and Chicken Slices. Da Miao Special Spicy Soup is not for the faint, having a generous sprinkling of peppercorns and splashings of dried chilli with a thick layer of chilli oil on the surface. Da Miao special spicy soup has more numbing over spicy, it is also aromatic.

Da Miao Hotpot
3C River Valley Rd, Singapore 179022
We are well-familiar with the traditional favourite soup bases like collagen soup, tomato soup etc. There are seven different soup bases at Hai Xian Lao including Healthy Collagen Soup (featured), Prawn Soup (featured), Herbal Soup (featured), Laksa Soup, Tom Yam Soup, Tomato Soup and Chicken Soup. Jumping with joy when I saw Prawn Soup offered at Hai Xian Lao. It is very rich in the sweetness of the prawns and I can’t help dive into hotpot! Some of the ingredients that you shouldn’t miss including Live Tiger Prawns, Pork Belly Platter (Kuro/Duroc/Spain), Handmade Specialities (步步高升 platter), Wagyu Karubi Plate, Homemade Tang O balls and more! A number of homemade tea like Homemade Ice Lemon Tea, Homemade WinterMelon Tea to order when you’re feeling thirsty!

Hai Xian Lao
8 Wilkie Rd, Singapore 228095
What makes Little Sheep Hot Pot different from the Chinese hotpot mainly is its use of lamb meat with only 180 days which is said to be natural, healthy, and precious and could only be taken once a year. Little Sheep Hot Pot is all-hailed from Inner Mongolia, China, known for having hot pot without any dipping sauce. However, there is a variety of dipping sauces where you may mix and match. Also, appetiser and fruits to tuck in while waiting for your food. Usually when we order lamb meat, it has a very overpowering smell and flavour to it that. We can’t tell whether this plate of sliced meat is lamb as it has no bad gamey lamb smell or taste. 

 Little Sheep Hot Pot
277 Orchard Rd, #B1-13 orchardgateway, Singapore 238858

One of China’s Top ten global hotpot brand is now in Singapore. Spice World Hot Pot is founded in 2003. It was noted that there is NO artificial flavouring, MSG or flavour enhancers. Keeping the soup broth as authentic as you were having in China. A good mala hot pot starts with the soup. The soup broth is brewed for at least four to six hours in Sichuan China before air flown to Singapore for its secondary preparation. Using deep forest peppercorns from Hongya farmlands, chillies from Guizhou and Sichuan China to brew the soup broth. Born out of Singapore’s love for spicy food, you can choose the level of spiciness (mild, medium, hot) of the mala soup broth you’ll be devouring. Diners can choose to have a Teddy Bear or Hello Kitty shaped out of mala soup, turn on the heat and watch as it melts into a pool of mala broth. 

Spice World Hot Pot
Block B, 3 River Valley Road, #01-06/07, Clarke Quay S(179021)
Set within a beautifully designed Southwest Chinese-inspired space, this Chinese hotpot restaurant in the heart of Bedok (located between Bedok Mall and Bedok Food Interchange) offers delicious dishes made with high-quality and fresh ingredients.  The outlandish red lanterns might seem a little out of place in the heartlands, but the opulent décor and gorgeous paintings are sure to draw the attention of passers-by. We tried 3 different types of soup bases, contained in their 3-flavour pot (奔驰锅). Hailing from Chengdu, Sichuan, where the people there are renowned for having high tolerance to spicy food, the signature soup is definitely the Traditional Spicy Soup (牛油红锅).  This bubbling cauldron of fiery-hot soup is extremely comforting, especially on a rainy day or when the craving for something spicy strikes. For those with lower tolerance for spice or prefer a milder broth, the tomato and mushroom soup bases are available too. The Australian beef is slightly more fragrant whereas the American beef is more fatty and retains the beefy flavour.  Both cuts are sliced thinly so you can enjoy them shabu shabu style.

Xiao Long Kan Hotpot
208D New Upper Changi Road #01-02/03 Singapore 464208

We can’t decide which broth to get! Huadiao Collagen Soup or the Spicy Pickled Crayfish Soup? The collagen soup is light and balanced out the heavier spicy crayfish soup. There are some ready to eat side dishes like Lala Clams in Spicy Sauce and Flaming Pork Ribs to nibble on while waiting for the soup to boil.

Taikoo Lane
Chinatown Point, 133 New Bridge Rd, B1-16, S059413
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