The arrival of Flipper’s made me screaming with happiness! You can’t deny Japan offers one of the best pancakes and Flipper’s is included. I’m missing Flipper’s so much! Established in Tokyo Japan in 2014 creating the soufflé pancake trend. Can’t wait to do the taste test at Flipper’s! Will it be the perfect bouncy pancake for the Insta-worthy boomerang? I could still recall the taste that I had in Japan. The pancake was perfectly jiggly, fluffy with delicious milk and butter tasting.

As seen in the featured photo, Plain Kiseki Pancake. The brand targets to impress diners with “miracle” pancake. Will you be one of the diners lining up at Flipper’s opening?

Similar to Japan’s outlet, the Singapore flagship store will also offer both sweet and savoury favourites from Flipper’s classic menu. It is said that diners will be served with two forks as part of Flipper’s signature experience.

Also seen in New York, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Seoul.

Flipper’s Singapore is making its debut at the flagship store at Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Ngee Ann City this November.

Are you excited?

Photo credit: Flipper’s Singapore

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